White House apple juice: OMG, is it always this bad?

I don’t normally buy White House because I like the store brand “premium” (not from concentrate) just fine. But I wanted to get a bigger bottle than usual, and White House was the only gallon-sized jug of premium they had.

It’s … somewhere between bitter and soapy. If you gave it to my blindfolded, I probably wouldn’t even be able to identify it as apple juice.

Is White House just cheap crappy apple juice, or did I get a bad batch?


Jeez, Obama gettin blamed for everything these days.

I wonder how wide their distribution is. It’s not a brand sold around here that I’m aware of.

Their website says they’re a Southeast brand, founded in 1908 as vinegar merchants.

If they sell it in your area, try Old Orchard. It’s like drinking an apple. The bottles are pretty big for the price too.

They still sell vinegar; maybe you should take a close look at the label on that bottle. :slight_smile:

I’m familiar with the brand, it’s been around since I was a kid. I don’t remember it tasting any different than Mott’s or equivalent.

I buy it when it’s on special. It has less body than some of the more expensive juices, but other than that I like it.

Ah, that makes me feel better about the lack of response. I don’t normally think of apples as a big Southern crop, so it didn’t even really occur to me that there might be regional brands of A.J.

Yeah, learning that put the whole experience into a new context for me. Now I feel lucky!

This definitely has less body, yes.