White House caught planting a stooge in the press corps

Fake reporter planted by WH

The Globe story is an entertaining read. Apparently, Shrub uses this guy regularly to bail himself out of tough spots and Gannon is not above lying like a sack:

Then there’s these lowball attacks on Kerry diguised as “questions” from during the campaign:

To paraphrase Lily Tomlin, no matter how cynical you get about this administration, it’s almost impossible to keep up.

Has any other President resorted to salting the press corps like this? I think this is yet another brand new low on the part of this White House.

Why am I sooooo not surprised? :rolleyes: :rolleyes: :rolleyes: Quick, somebody blame Clinton.

Jeff Gannon is not even his real name.

Give it a listen when it becomes available at around 7:30 EST

If you don’t have 22 minutes to listen…don’t click the extended version. Wait for the abbreviated sound byte.

I’ve honestly run out of words for this administration. My eyes have rolled back so much that they just flip right around to the front like a slot machine.

Times like this I recall a Jon Stewart/Daily Show quote regarding the Bush administration from the first term.

“It’s like they think we’re retarted.”

Maybe we are.


Huh? Did somebody mention The Press[sup]TM[/sup] being manipulated?

Never heard of such a ludicrous claim. Goodnight.

The other new low is how long it took for someone in the real news media to out this character. How obvious a stooge can one be?

Gannon (on the subject of regurgitating White House press release verbiage: “It’s the ultimate in journalistic honesty – unvarnished and unfiltered.”

Just like untreated sewage.

I’m probably playing right into their hands, but my outrage meter is about outraged out. All I can do is agree that this is…well…outrageous.

[/url=“http://www.talonnews.com/statement.shtml”]And he’s gone, as of yesterday.

And from his own website:

He must really have some confidence in the integrity of his White House reporting.

Just business as usual for this administration and its supporters.

Please, manipulating the press and planting an actual ringer in their midst are two different things.

It’ll be interesting (yet predictably disheartening) to see what the administration does & doesn’t have to say about this. Ridiculous, insulting, and pretty pathetic in its desperation.

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B-But Limbaugh said it was OK! It’s the liberal media! Why, see, this is proof – the media had to route out the only “White House friendly” reporter! What an outrage this is!

Sorry, I just chuckle listening to him.

Sheesh, Dio why do you hate America so much?


So this is fine with you?

Would it still be a snoozer if it turned out Clinton’s administration had done the same thing? Or would you be more irritated?


Everyone’s so cynical nowadays. Its not even surprising, I think most people here expect it.

Oh, there is much more! Much much more!

I’ve not the time to chase the cites at the moment, but there are other interestubg aspects that range from the suspect to the sordid. He appears to have been remarkably knowledgeable as regards the influence of Mr Wilson’s wife, Valerie Plame…remember?.. and some perfectly lurid pictures of someone who may be the aforementioned Mister “Gannon”.

Watch this thread! Developing…

Dude, he/she said “goodnight.” Don’t demand another post; people need their sleep.

I think it’s sort of interesting that the guy who apparently first pointed this out is also supposedly one of the reporters who excavated details on the Clinton philandering crisis. I’d like to think that this minor brouhaha might lead to similar repercussions for this administration, but I suspect that’s fairly unlikely. At this point there’s not even any evidence that money changed hands. I seem to recall being born in a country where people could be held accountable for things occasionally. Now, yeah, it’s pretty much–“Yawn. Turns out they lied again. Huh…no WMDs, how about that? Oh well… The White House secretly paid people to support their agenda in the media? Fancy that.”

Interesting times.

Is this story going to blow up in their faces developing, or are you just talking about the thread?

duffer loves Big Brother.

Yes! Exactly!