White House: Mission Accomplished

From today’s Army Times:

Sure, the cheezy attempt by the president to bask in the reglected glory of his victorious troops is no big deal, but why’d he have to lie about it ?
I guess all those anti-conspiracy theory, war-hawk, pseudo-rationalists owe us paranoid, America-hating, peace-lover types an apology, ehh ? :smiley:

Pathetic. What a bunch of losers. This recent trend of trying to spin away everything they said and did in the last year is just sad.

But this is the president who will restore honor and dignity to the White House!

Restoring honor and dignity? Hell, the last president only fucked a willing woman (or two or…), this one is screwing all of us.

Yeah, I saw this. I’m wondering, just how ballsy are these people going to get before the electorate starts to notice? “No, we didn’t make the sign, and we disavow any connection with it. No, we didn’t say anything about it then, we’re distancing ourselves now. What? We do have a connection with the sign? Okay fine. The CIA is entirely to blame for the Iraq mess. What? They warned us? No they didn’t. They made the Mission Accomplished sign. Plus we bought all the oil wells and are pocketing all the profits. And we’re taking away your porn because ninety percent of all voters wrote on their ballots that they want us to do it. No, really, they did. Didja know Hilary Clinton’s buttplug was made in Cuba? Look over there! Shiny!”

It would be funny if it weren’t so fucking disgusting.

He’s forgetting to do the little hand-wave as he says “this isn’t the sign you’re looking for.”

“I find your lack of faith disturbing…”

And one hundred million Americans clutch thier throats and start to choke…

There were other moments of pathos in that press conference. For example, the way he continually tried to invoke September 11th as his answer for everything (this while he openly defies the 9/11 investigation). Or his trying to stir up fear of the “suiciders”. Or the prevarication, the stammering, the “ums”, the uncomfortable pauses. Or maybe the way he looked like he was hoping the bell would ring already so that he could abandon the teacher that called on him; like a student who does not comprehend the subject matter and what was asked of him, he returned to the buzzwords and catchphrases he DID know, hoping that would satisfy the teacher.

It would be funny, seeing the Dear Leader standing in the Rose Garden, buck naked in his new suit. Except it really isn’t. (I DID laugh out loud at him though, before remembering how fucking tragic it all is.)

My favorite part was where, when a reporter asked him whether he thought we would have fewer troops or more troops in the conflict a year from now, he replied that he wouldn’t answer “trick” questions.

I’ve always thought of that as his “did I forget to wipe?” look.

Fear not, brave citizens!. You’ve still got that rottweiler of truth-seeking corporate infotainment, the US media, to expose this administration for what it is . . .

No, that’s pure comedy gold, right there!

Why on Earth would they even lie about such a trivial thing? Egads, this is driving me crazy. I used to have a roomate that lied about anything, just for the sake of lying. I was always amazed at some of the pointless lies she came up with. Hell, they could have even been honest with a spin, they could have immediatly have said “sure, we made it, we wanted to show our sailors how proud we are of them”. Instead, they just toss out a lie. Sheesh. It’s sad really.

I remember the thread about this way back when, with the usual folks coming in and insisting that no matter how it looked (Bush, flight suit, banner “mission accomplished”) that it all really really was just 'cause that particular ship’s current mission was over. and that it was a mere coincidence that Bush was there under it, that the WH/administration had nothing to do w/those jubulent sailors.

You know what I like the most about these sorts of threads? The fact that ardent Bush supporters are taking longer and longer to show up and use Bizzaro world logic and rhetoric to defend the Homunculus in Chief . Must be a sign of progress.

My Hitnutculus is going crazy!

if this is honor and dignity, give me semen stained dresses by the truckful, or give me death!

What Wring said. I remember the last iteration of this thread was about the AL finishing it’s mission, and that was the sing was about.

I’m surprised the entire country isn’t sick of the moving goal line yet.

I believed at the time that the banner referred to the AL’s mission. I work with a lot of current and former Navy personnel, and that’s pretty much how it was interpreted by nearly all of us.

A serviceman’s mission is never truly over, mind you, eapecially with troops still on the ground in country. The Lincoln was completing a long deployment, though, and deserved thanks for its contribution.

I think the Administration should have stated this and left it as such. It’s stupid to backtrack now, it merely hands ammo to a lot of Democrats who, frankly, don’t have productive suggestions vis a vis national security anyway. When any one of them besides Lieberman can come up with a plan that actually goes after our country’s enemies, maybe I’ll listen to complaints about a banner.

I think what’s lost in this debate is that it is completely irrelevant who put the banner up and why.

What matters is the message that President Bush ment to convey with his speech, and he clearly ment to convey that the mission was accomplished. The current administration goes to great pains to manipulate how the president is portrayed, and if they didn’t want that banner to be in the frame, the banner wouldn’t have been in the frame.

If I walk around wearing a shirt that depicts Calvin peeing on a Chevy logo, it’s not the fault of the shirt’s manufacturer that people will think me a complete idiot.