White or wheat?

Wheat. I grew up eating white bread but haven’t (intentionally) for at least seven years. That Guy bought white bread by mistake once. So gross. And how do you buy white bread without knowing it anyway?

So yeah, white or wheat? Other?

Whole wheat, whenever possible. Considering all the poison I throw at my colon on a regular basis, it’s the least I can do.

And yes, I check to make sure it’s actual whole wheat, and not white-bread-with-brown-food-coloring.


I’d eat wheat if I could find some that I liked.

Whichever type is on special at the baker’s.

Wheat, multigrain, rye (yum), sourdough (double yum), et cetera. Black Russian and Irish potato bread are particular delicacies, for those who aren’t in thrall of the Atkins Diet.

White bread is meh. Wonder Bread and the like is bleech! They’re like eating fluffed paste.


Wheat, whenever possible. I mean, sandwich bread is sandwich bread, only designed to get the peanut butter and jelly to my mouth in a convienent fashion.

Multigrain wheat, sourdough, rye (but only if toasted). The only white bread I can stand is French baguette bread.

Whole wheat, as much fiber as possible per slice (at least 5 grams).

Wholemeal grain. I also grew up on a diet of sliced white but I’d rather go without nowadays than eat it.

White. Almost always go with white. I like the cheap kind that has a shelf life of months not days. But, lately I’ve been hooked on this gourmet white bread from Trader Joes that fantastic.

When I want something exotic, I go with wheat. I like to mix it up sometimes. But white is my go-to bread.

White, of the cheapest form I can get. I only use bread to hold my cheap lunchmeats and American cheese food product together for eating.

I really like a good whole wheat bread.

In practise, I’ll eat whatever. I’m not very picky about it. I’ve never eaten a bread I didn’t like. There are certain kinds of sandwiches though (like tuna salad) that I greatly prefer on white bread, though.

I’ve started buying the whole grain bread when I can get it on sale, just for health reasons.

I haven’t bought a loaf of plain white bread in… well ever, unless you are counting French or Italian. Wheat is a good alternative, but I’m choosing other: rye.

I like all kinds of breads, as long as there are no caraway seeds involved. Those things are evil. Wheat is my bread of choice in restaurants and such. When grocery shopping, I’ll look over whatever the local store with bakery has on display that day. They make a killer pumpernickle!

Whole Wheat.

Usually a 3.5 pound loaf of 12 grainy goodness from Costco. Very good, nicely priced ( because it is in the back corner of the store and you cannot just waltz in and get one thing from them… the bastards!) and is a very effective colon blow. Whole Wheat toast and a cup of coffee for breakfast…what more does anyone need?
Funny thing is how many people buy White Bread. Did these people miss the memo? Gah… after I made the switch for good about two years ago I cannot touch the stuff. It.is.nasty.

When I’ve had kids at my house and serve grilled cheese sammiches, I will get the " I don’t eat brown bread" types. I state “the rule in my house is that what ever age you are you have to have that many bites of the sammich.”

I never give them the option of some other kind of meal This is not a restaurant! because every time…every time…they end up eating more than I asked them too. And I tell them the good news. Because you ate so well, and this bread is so good for you…you will have better poops! When you get older, it’s all about the poops!"

Wheat! Beautiful whole grain wheat bread!

White. And I eat a lot of it. I’m terrible. :frowning:

12-grain wheat. When they’re out of that in the brand I like, I’ll default to the 7-grain, but it’s only 7/12 as tasty.

(And Shirley – dinner party conversation at your house must just sparkle! :stuck_out_tongue:

I almost never buy bread to have at home, and when I do it’s sourdough. Hey, I’m a San Franciscan and sometimes I get homesick. Thank god Trader Joe’s has some pretty good sourdough because it is HARD to find in the Midwest.

When I get a sandwich for lunch at Subway or Quizno’s or whatever, wheat. Always.

White bread. I’ve never had a wheat/whole-grain bread that tasted good to me. And yes, I’ve tried plenty of different breads.

Ummm…I guess so. I’m not trying to single you out here, Shirley, but this is indicative of an attitude I often come across, and it surprises me. I understand that whole-grain breads have more fiber, which is good for your digestive system. (My poops are just fine, thank you very much…at this point in time, anyway.) What I’m surprised at is the number of people who claim that white bread is bad for you. As per my understanding, whole-grain breads may be better for you than white bread, but there’s nothing inherently bad about white bread (assuming you like the taste).

So, I’m asking to be relieved of my ignorance, if I am indeed ignorant on this point. Is there anything about white bread that is inherently bad for you?