White Owl cigars

Last week at work, my cow-orkers and I were talking about superstitions. One said, “It’s good luck to see a white owl, especially in the daytime.” I said, “Come with me to the cigar store and I’ll show you a White Owl!” They seemed to find it funny.

Today I was at the cigar store with Mr. Rilch. I told this to the proprietor, and he gave the I-guess-that-was-a-joke forced smile. I chalked his lack of enthusiasm up to the fact that English is not his first language. Later, I repeated it to Mr. Rilch.

“Uh…Is that one of your Straight Dope jokes?”

“No, I made it up.”

“Well, what do white owls have to do with cigars?”

“White Owl is a brand of cigar.”

“I’ve never heard of it.”

“Well, I have!”

“Is it some cheap, pieces and stems cigar?”

“Well, I never smoked one, but the point is, there’s a brand of cigar called White Owl.”

“I have never heard of White Owl cigars.” (So they don’t exist.)

And so on. Now I just checked Google*, and one can purchase a box of 50 for $25.99. So they’re not primo, but they do exist.

No real question here, just think it’s funny that I’ve heard of White Owls and he never has.

*Check out Google before they change their logo again. The logo is stars-and-stripes, with firework bursts above, and a smiling American Bald Eagle sits atop the last two letters, holding a sparkler.

And you can get “Pink Owl” cigars - the bubblegum ones. Haven’t seen them in awhile.

I know White Owls. My grandfather used to smoke them, and my Dad still has a number of the boxes. He uses them for holding nuts and bolts and things.

I myself have had one or two White Owls in my life. They’re far from being a fine cigar, but considering their price and their competition at that price, they’re not too bad.

Good joke though. I’ll have to remember that one–I’ll see if a cigar-loving friend gets it.

Haven’t seen one in YEARS, but I useta love 'em.

Yeah, they were a cheap cigar. Still are. What with the explosion of Dominican republic stuff and grey-market Havana, a “mere” White Owl, by today’s standards, is the 8-track tape of cigars.

I forgot how much I miss smoking.


Okay then, I’ll tell him! Thank you all.

Working at Kmart, I do see them with the other cigars.