White Trash Fashion

After reading G-RAY’s description of the typical Wal-Mart customer family in this thread, I got to thinking about something I’ve wondered about for a long time now.

That something is: Why do white trash types dress so oddly?

Every time I go to any government building, Wal-Mart, outdoor festival, I see these people dressed the same way- too tight clothes, clothes with abnormal stuff on them, including(but not limited to):

tasmanian devils
NASCAR stuff
stylized wolves
applique stuff glued on with glue-on paint
mullet haircuts
Fu-manchu moustaches
flannel shirts with no sleeves
lace-up cowboy boots

I realize that these people must like these things, but what I don’t understand is why they wear them? Surely they watch tv and see that NOBODY on television wears this stuff except for the people in domestic disturbances on COPS. Surely they go out into the world and notice that they are dressed differently than everyone else. Do they maybe take pride in this look somehow?

They prob don’t know anybody on TV and could care less with what the TV people wear.
People gotta shop somewhere and most people buy what they like. I don’t know anybody who buys because they don’t like it.
If You don’t like it, then you don’t buy it. And I would venture to guess it’s some form off pride, whether you like it or not.

Ah! You speak of my people! I come from the land of white trash and this is my tribe. Gather 'round and I shall share mine lore.

Taz is popular because he’s the “badass” Looney Tune. He looks cooler on your Wal-Mart shirt than Bugs Bunny. The “red-necks” and “white-trash” of my tribe like to think they are badasses.

You can figure out NASCAR on your own.

Stylized wolves are cool to them, I know not why. 'Tis ancient coolness amongst my people.

Applique stuff probably came from a relative who likes “crafts.”

Mullet: it was good enough for them in high school. Tis still good enough for them.

Fu Manchu: I have not seen this amongst my tribe.

Flannel shirts with no sleeves: This may be a workshirt that got too many holes in the sleeves. Thus, it makes a stylish vest. Martha Stewart in a trailer trash way.

Lace-Up Cowboy Boots: I was not aware of this trend either. Clearly, I must investigate.

Well, why do “goths” affect the look that they do?

Why do gangstas dress as they do?

Why do middle-aged oil explorationists dress as they do? I dress reasonably close to the fashion of my fellow middle-aged explorers, but I don’t ever remember seeing one of us (depicted or otherwise) on tv.

Isn’t this rather insulting in a certain way? I mean, the whole premise stereotypes an entire group of people, lower-class whites, under a rather disparaging term.

Most of these questions don’t have factual answers, is all I’m saying.

Pith helmet, little bow tie, knee shorts? Hopefully a monocole?

A common property to all the clothing described in the OP, save cowboy boots, is that they’re cheap.

Besides, why comform?

My wolf sweatshirt is gorgeous. A cut above most. (sniff) But then I used to be a wolf docent.

Most of the items described are affordable for lower incomes. But those laceup boots are expensive! I see them in catalogs all the time.

One of my most treasured an enduring friendships is with someone who would fit the descriptions you have given. Salt of the earth! Lots of street smarts and a fantastic country cook. I once gave her an enormous amount of clothing which had become too big for me. I assumed that she just couldn’t afford department store clothing. Does she wear it? Nyah! It’s just not her. But she enjoyed passing the items on to others.

She once did something of such enormous courage that I suspect most people who read this could never make themselves do.

I didn’t mean to hijack, but I couldn’t help but think of this really neat lady.

Gosh darn it, now I’m wondering what she did of such enormous courage. Are you able to share?

My opinion is that I find that I dress with less and less taste the more I work at my blue-collar job. I find that the effort necessary to wear the stylish, current clothing I already own is too much, especially if I’m just going to the local Walmart, etc.

Sounds sad, but work an industrial night-shift for seemingly unending months after months, into years, and you’ll find that “pants-and-shirt” become your new dress code, regardless of their condition.

Damn I need to finish my degree soon.

I once asked my hairdresser if she ever gets mullets. She said that the guys who ask for them think it’s a compromise-they just can’t give up their long hair, but they “give in” and cut it short in the front.

Like it or not, it is a subculture like any other.

I guess questioning the fashion sense of those you consider below you (I am just guessing the use of the term “white trash” conveys your disdain) makes you feel better about the caste to which you belong.

You forgot about Harley Davidson or Mack truck belt buckles for the men, and black or white stretch pants for all the ladies.

So you’re saying that television always reflects real life, and therefore anyone whose behaviour doesn’t conform to that of the people seen on television is committing some grievous faux pas?

Perhaps I should buy a television, then, so I will know how to dress and act. Obviously looking out my window at the people on the street isn’t giving me an accurate enough depiction of reality.

What are lace up cowboy boots?

You contradict yourself. You just said you see lots of people dressed like this.

They dress in a manner that’s considered accepted and normal within their social group.

They no doubt think that the way you dress is wimpy and stupid.

I am from a blue-collar part of New York City. My friends and relatives there wear lots of stuff
you would probably think was just as bizarre, but it’s perfectly OK in the neighborhood.

You simply have an extremely parochial point of view of what people wear. (Hint: TV doesn’t
reflect reality.)

My sister is a works in Atlanta - very metropolitan area, but she lives in East Podunk. And she has 2 wardrobes, home and work. Home clothes blend in with the other Podunkians, just are more expensive. I swear, I fully expect her to come to Sunday Dinner bedecked in blond bouffant and zebra lycra. Just a half step away from that. Work clothes, on the other hand, are very neat and chique. You dress to suit yourself and you dress to suit your associates.

Now WHY do they show such “lack of taste”, they don’t - they just want to look like others in their circle. I can say the same about Paris Hilton.