White water rafting in upstate New York, any suggestions?

Last year I had a great time canoeing thanks to some great suggestions here on the board. So I turn to you again!

I was looking for something fun to do with some friends I’m seeing in three weeks and we hit on white water rafting. We have no equipment or experience for that matter so we’re looking for an outfitter in the New York area that’s affordable and will provide us with some great rapids.

It’s all about location, so I hear, so that’s consideration number 1. Where can we find good white water spots in new york? And what outfitters do you know that aren’t too expensive around those locations?

I haven’t had time to really do an extensive search online, but the few sites I’ve seen advertise prices from $30 per person to $120 per person. I’m looking for something in between.

Also, please share your experiences! I’ve never done this before but I’m looking forward to it :slight_smile:

I’ve never done it myself, but I have heard of Kittatinney Canoes on the Delaware River. It’s about an hours ride west on Route 80. I don’t know about New York, the only rivers I know of are the East River, the Harlem River and the Hudson River and you want to stay out of those.

Sorry I’m not more helpful.

Don’t know what location you had in mind, but two locations near the Adirondacks are popular: the Upper Hudson river (which I’ve never seen let alone been on,) and the Black River that flows through downtown Watertown. I went on the latter a few yrs back – don’t know if they still offer rides, but it was through an outfitters that provided guides and boats.

And a good thing, too, as we had to portage across a seemingly dangerous situation. The Black River took a sharp left down an approximately 10 foot waterfall, so we landed on the right bank. But just before the turn was an intake cut for a local power company – if we drifted into that when they had the power on we’d be even worse off (they turned off the generators/intake for the tours.)

All in all it was fairly tame except for going down an old mill dam. (I dont know how to judge – 5 feet? 4 feet?) But my boat was the only one on the tour not to capsize!)