Whitney Kropp Voted onto Homecoming Court as a prank. Feel good ending.


I love a good underdog story. Go Team Whitney.

Basically, Whitney was voted onto the court as a prank. Other sophomore rep dropped out. Parents convince her to go and have a good time to show up the bullies and she agrees. Facebook and word of mouth garner support and businesses donate services like hair, nails, dinner, transportation.

I never suffered that amount of humiliation in high school but I can relate. Hope she has the time of her life.

Wow, that’s cool that people stepped up to be nice to that poor girl.
It’s great to show these bullied kids that there is a world of decent people out there beyond the assholes in high school.
The Internet is definitely the greatest thing that ever happened to all of us who are nerds, geeks, and social outcasts (yes, I include myself).

Wow, that story puts a big grin on my face. You go, Whitney!

Her classmates are too young to have seen Carrie, I assume.

Seems to have gone okay.

Good for her! She looks terrific in those pics, and I hope she has a great time at the upcoming dance.

So was she escorted by a Sophomore player?

I can see her dirty pillows!

I mean, not that I looked. Her being underage and all.

The point of this prank is lost on me. They don’t like her so they elected her to the homecoming court? And that’s supposed to be humiliating? I don’t get the joke.

The idea is that you elect some perceived loser, then laugh at them because it’s just so hilariously inappropriate to see such a loser in a highly visible, glamorous place.

I trust that with this explanation, it all makes much more sense now.

ETA: In case it seems like I’m suggesting otherwise, Whitney is most definitely not a loser. She is, in fact, awesome.

Did you GO to high school? This is so people can laugh behind her back about her being elected. I think it’s even more cruel because it’s indirect meanness. In other words gutless.

We did the same thing in my high school years ago (1980). We convinced our class to vote in a kid for Sr. Class President who a classic underachiever. Barely passed school; would never attend college. We didn’t dislike him per-se; we just thought it would be funny. Yes I regretfully take partial ownership of it. We didn’t think about how he’d feel; we just thought it was funny. :frowning:

I don’t remember the exact details but he ended up being vice president. I found out years later that the votes were counted by the previous years’ class officers (PYCO); and he had actually won Sr. Class President election; but the PYCO didn’t think that was right so they rigged the election making him VP and the current Jr. Prez the new Sr. Prez! :eek: I ask you… Which is worse?

I’m a little confused. Isn’t that the point of electing a homecoming queen in the first place? You elect the pretty chick and then all the girls tear her down behind her back and the half the guys imagine what’s it like to do her, while the other half already know.

She was pretty before.

Before the bucket of blood fell on her?

Of course I went to high school, which is how I know that regardless of Whitney’s or the media’s efforts to turn this thing on its head, the “pranksters” involved feel no remorse and have learned no lessons. They probably think the prank is that much more uproariously funny because of the attention it’s getting. Despite all that, good for her for making the best of it.

And yes, this kind of thing happened in my day, as well. I didn’t get it then, either. You’re so unpopular we’re going to make you prom queen LOLOLOL!!!

That’s what’s odd about this story- the girl in question is pretty to begin with, so she seems like an unusual target for this sort of thing. Seeing her on video, I would have totally believed that she was elected legitimately had she not overheard the ugly truth.

It’s almost as if the high school bullies aren’t behaving in a logical manner or something.

I dunno, I always thought that the Homecoming Queen election was pretty much a popularity contest. Sure, you’ll get a fair amount of standard high school idiocy in response, but for the most part she’s usually somebody who the student body really thinks deserves the honor.

That’s exactly what I thought. A little lacking in the make up department but not homely by any stretch.
But maybe I just think that because I got dust in my eyes.

Once she took off her glasses and let down her hair.

So no *Carrie *re-enactment? I’m actually a little disappointed.

What did I do or say to merit you putting me on ignore?:confused: