Who are each candidate's advisers?

I really think that one of the most important things to know about these people who want to be POTUS is to know who’s going to be advising them on what to do. I started thinking about after repeatedly seeing crazy people talking on TV, then learning that these cooks are Giuliani advisers.

I’d like to know who is advising the candidates who are still “in” on foreign policy, the economy, etc.

I’d like to keep this only to the advisers, please, lets not talk to much about the candidates.

Here’s a video about Giuliani’s advisers. Take it for what it’s worth.

Talking Points Memo regularly has commentary on advisor stuff, but I don’t think they have a set aside section for it.

Campaign websites might tell you something useful.

Guiliani’s are the really notable ones, he’s got all the superhawks. Clinton has many establishment democrat types that some object to. I don’t think anyone else’s have been very noteworthy.

I figured that about Clinton’s advisers. I’m really curious who is advising Obama and McCain. I assume, since McCain’s been around so long he doesn’t need as much advice.

I can’t find it right now on their website, but I know the Washington Post, either last month or two months ago, did profiles of the campaign staffs of most of the candidates. If you go to www.washingtonpost.com, you might be able to find them there.

Did you mean kooks, or has he got Gordon Ramsey and Mario Batali on staff? :wink:

That I did…thanks.