Who are the best motivational speakers?

Are there any motivational speakers you have heard who you would recommend?

a guy who lives in a van down by the river

I don’t like motivational speakers in general, but a person who has been to hell and back (a “bootstrapper”) does tend to get more respect from me. Like that homeless girl who went to Harvard, or someone who kicked a drug habit and is now a CEO.

I always liked Loretta LaRoche

Tony Robbins (I think that’s his name. He was in Shallow Hal) may be a good one. The one thing I’ve remembered that he said was, “Successful people do the things that other people don’t want to.”

I agree. If they have done something, I listen.

For motivation, I show the kids I teach this video of Erik Weihenmayer. He went blind at their age(about 14), lost his Mom a few weeks/months later, and then proceeded to climb the tallest mountains on every continent. Oh, and he lead some blind kids up some of Everest.
Amazing man and cool dude. Very calm, non-arrogant, and naturally motivating.

I smile just watching this video, which was very informal and captures his personality.

Oh, and he was on that Amazing Race like show last summer. I think he came in second.

Erik was in Expedition Impossible (which was more physically challenging than Amazing Race), on a three man team called No Limits. He was the sole reason why I watched that show and routed for him and his team…Erik’s drive and determination was motivational in itself. In the end, the team finished 2nd, which teammate Ike, had a very injured ankle for the last 2 or 3 days of the competition that was more likely the reason that they didn’t take 1st place. Erik’s words were simple, but his actions were top-notch…very motivational.

I know this motivational speech is either paraphrased, or could even be made up…but then you had to know something had to be said to motivate a group of college kids to beat an international group of professionals…I can very well imagine that this speech is not too far off the mark.

We had to watch a bit of a motivational speaker’s video when I started a new job. My particular position did not involve much customer service, but they made everyone watch anyway. I must say that although this guy seemed a little goofy, he did have some good points and wasn’t all that bad to watch. I wish they would have shown some of the restaurant workers, that I used to work with, anything from this guy.

Bob Farrell - Give 'Em The Pickle

Reverand Wright

I don’t have anyone specific in mind, but if you haven’t looked through the archive at http://www.ted.com/ , you are missing out on thousands of motivational speakers on pretty much every topic you can think of.

Folks, Tony Robbins’ seemingly overnight success on the national TV scene as a motivational speaker on 30 minute infomercials started back around 1990, if I am right. Right out of the gate, he boasted on TV about how, in a 4 year span, he turned his life completely around from flop and failure to multi million dollar success motivational guru. But how was this possible?

Robbins did not just appear on the world stage without any financial backing or without any organizational planning and suave media marketing design stratgeies. No, Robbins’ first infomercials were created by the Guthy-Renker Corporation, whose speailized in mass marketing and sales. But who was really behind Robbins and Guthy-Renker at the start?

Would you be surprised to know the people who backed Tony Robbins all the way was the cult, Los Angeles based Church of Scientogoly, L. Ron Hubbard’s false religious cult where actors like John Travolta and Tom Cruise come to worship at a Christless alter?

What they worship is material wealth, success, riches, prosperity, science and new, emerging technologies. Of course, many beautiful models and aspiring actresses are also invited to the church which also doubles as a hotel, if you will.

They worship themselves because Scientogoly tells them they are gods themselves and can create anything they want out of thin air, as long as they have the MOTIVATIONALLY DRIVEN KEYS TO WISDOM AND SUCCESS. Never mind the food pantries at real churches who assist the poor and needy.

No, the Church of Scientogoly has it’s own special church for the filthy rich in Hollywood, designed solely for a seperate and distinct class of filthy rich actors, news media celebrities and mega industrialists in oil, pharmacuticals, Lockheed, McDonnell Douglas, Boeing. Huges Aircraft, military elites, pro sports athletes, connected politicians and the ultra elite.

The averge joe or common man is not allowed in this particular church but don’t fret, Scientogoly has a few other churches in California in lesser areas where the working class slobs can go to and be deluded with hocus pocus mumbo jumbo that is totally opposed to what the Bible teaches.

They teach nothing about the cross of Jesus Christ, nothing about sin, satan, God, Heaven, Hell, redemption, atonement, reconcilation with God, nothing about Bible prophecy, the Shroud of Turin or the Bible Code. They don’t tell people we are in the last days. They act as if life will just gp on as it always has but they are in for a big shock. Guess they haven’t heard about the 400 plus tornadoes ravageing the midwest and southwest states since February.

Instead what they teach is the cult of materialism, the cult of science, technology, false idols and so on. They encourage their friends to have bio chips implanted into their right hands in case they are kidnapped. This way, they can be tracked by satelites and rescued.

And would it surprise you to know that when false apostate christian teachers, healers and teahcers like Joel Osteen, Benny Hinn, Mike Murdock, Creflo Dollar, Kenneth Copeland, Joyce Meyers, Mannessah Jordan, LeRoy Thompson, Tim Coontz and other prosperity money-mad TV preachers like them visit LA, the first place they visit is the Church of Scientology 'Temple" for the mega rich. I don’t know if Bill Gates or Donald Trump sing in the choir or not but to tell you the truth, this is where and how Tony Robbins got his start.

Back in the 1980’s, Scientologist leaders in Los Angeles decided their false religion was in dire need of a makeover. Or a facelift and an alternate brand name and someone other than the aging L. Ron Hubbard to reach a broader market share of the faithful. Or quasi faithful.

Enter Tony Robbins. Tony had been going to one of the lesser Scientology Churches for those who are in the lower classes. He had read Hubbard’s false Bible, Dianetics and decided to become a scientologist because it appealed not to his spirit but to his wallet.

Tony was told by his ‘auditor’, not priest, that scientology was a success based formula of thinking. Tony was introduced to the right people at the right scientology churches and before you know it, Tony was invited the elite temple they have in LA for the mega wealthy and they saw in Tony a brand new face, a fresh personality who could be charming and woo a broad range of people, or marks, as they say in the con man racket. Tony could sell you the worse used car but make you believe you’re getting the better half of the bargain.

Scientogoly calls itself a ‘church’ for the income tax exemption status. They pay no city, local, state or federal income taxes and evade many other types of taxes that other, regular businesses would have to pay. They do not preach neither the Old or New Testament, despite the fact they have a cross on top of their ‘churches’ but all it is really is a symbol of tax exemption. Scientology has no pastors, no priests, no monks, no reverends or bishops. No Popes.

It is a cold and clinical type of cult. Devoid of the Holy Spirit. It is a blend of atheisim and paganism. Not religious in any way at all, except for their tax exemption. When was the last time Cruise or Travolta quoted Christ? Every time they go on TV for quickie interviews about scientology, they never make any sense in what they are saying. It is simply confusing lingo but it’s designed that way, a cult that has you chasing your own tail while telling you that you can be your own god and save yourself. They really never talk of an afterlife or Heaven, strangely enough.

Tony Robbins couldn’t go on TV and pitch scientology, however, because in the 1970s and '80’s, they were considered quacks and con men, a real cult with a thousand insane ideas. So the infomericals had to be called something other than Scientology. They decided to call it, Unleashing Your Personal Power.

John Travolta was a big financial backer of the church of scientology and was the true source for establishing Tony Robbins as an overnight motivational TV infomerial guru. But these are the blind leading the blind. They point to their financial success as evidence their religious cult works for them. If Christ was truthful and did not deceive us, then there is a devil in this world named Satan and he has countless numbers of demonic angels who work invisibly to those who serve them.

Robbins did not have millions of dollars to buy that castle mansion that he lived in and bragged about on his infomerials in the 1990’s. Scientology, with Hubbard’s money, bought that castle and let Robbins live in it. Eventually, he did come to own it when his infomerials took off with a national TV, radio and magazine ad campaign.

All the principals in Tony Robbins’ audio CDS, DVDs, books, etc. are all based on the false perceptions of scientology, Dianetics, Norman Vincent Peal’s The Power of Positive Thinking, Napoeon Hill’s book, Think and Grow Rich, and also Cybernetics, an offshoot ideaology of L. Ron Hubbard that he tried to pass off as religion blended with science and technology. It was to Dianetics, a perverted New Testament devoid of a savoir.

Tony Robbins’ gift of gab, his presumed broad appeal to a mass market and scientogoly’s backing have made him a billionaire. But he longs for one thing more. He actually wants to become president of the United States because he thinks that if guys like Obama and Clinton can do it, so can he because he consiers himseld widely more popular than any politician.

But Robbins will need to pick the right running mate for vice president. Perhaps a media TV celebrity TV preacher like Joel Osteen or Creflo Dollar, who have 20,000 seat mega ‘churches’ the size of Home Depot and who reach vast audiences with their televised TV sermons on cable and satelite TV. Plus, those hucksters can bring in the religious voters for a suave smooth talking guy like Robbins.

I believe Robbins and some TV preacher whose fame and fortunes nearly rival that of Robbins can easily form their own idependant political party or perhaps throw enough money at the existing political parties in order for them to be nominated. They will come out of nowhere, out of left field and many millions of people will wrongly assume this is a match made in Heaven. It may not happen in 2012 but it can happen in 2016.

I think Robbins and Osteen or Creflo Dollar could easily be swept into the White House because they can talk people into doing anything with their gift of gab and velvet personalities. Plus they’d have guys like Travolta and Cruise backing them with the scientologists lurking undetected in the background.

Maybe Tony Robbins will turn out to be the Antichrist in the Book of Revelation. He certainy holds sway with the masses and is very influential and powerful in all the right areas. Maybe Osteen or Dollar will be the False Prophet Revelation warned would partner with the Antichrist for a grab at world power.

I saw many photos recently of Robbins with all the most famous politicans of the last 30 years, posing with Robbins for photo ops, seemingly beckoning to Robbin’s personal power advice for business, wealth, prosperity, health and relationships. Keep an eye on him. And keep an eye on all the false apostate christian leaders I mentioned because they will run and fall at Tony Robbins’ beck and call if he ever runs for president.

BTW, Robbins doesn’t believe in the God of Heaven nor Jesus Christ.

Sometimes the best motivational speaker can be that little voice inside of you.


I thought we were talking about motivational speakers, not preachers.

He motivated the hell out of a lot of people.

I saw Keith Ablow give a presentation once and I really liked him. I actually bought his book afterwards, which is something I’ve never done. Then I learned he was a right wing nutjob who is associated with Fox News. Oh well.