who are the electors and what do they get?

So the electoral college has members who are chosen for their loyalty and ability the write the correct name on their ballot. Who are they exactly are they and do they get anything, say an allowance and free dinner, a commemorative t-shirt or anything like that?

Is it a stepping stone to whatever job party sycophants aspire to?

I don’t know, but I doubt it. In practice, nobody ever gives a crap who the electors are.

Here is some information about them.

In Illinois, they don’t get paid a salary, but they do get their expenses reimbursed:

No commemorative T-shirts from the state, but if they vote the proper way and ask nicely, they could maybe get a T-shirt from the state party.

An all-expense paid trip to the state capital and lunch.

I’ve always thought the electoral college was a plot by state capitals to get someone to come there when the legislature was out of session.

This is also the custom in Ohio. They’re usually given some kind of commemorative Ohio-made knicknack, too.

Not true.
I was the head teller at our State Party Convention, and electing the 2 statewide electors was one of the most hotly contested ballots at the Convention.

It’s a major honor, and people get very emotional about who to give it to.