Who are the faceless couples?

Just seen this on FARK:

Full story here.

Anybody got a theory? Some viral marketing? For what? Performance art, perhaps? Just some celebrities fed up with paparazzi (though I wouldn’t imagine they’re hounded less now)?

*contains no actual mutants

I’d go with performance art, myself. There are so many ways to ID people–walk, posture, hair, ears, body language etc, that if someone really wanted to find out who they were (and they were famous), it wouldn’t be that hard. I also don’t see celebs doing this–well, maybe Madonna.

I kind of like it–it makes you think about crowd v individual and our disparities and commonalities etc.

1.) They’re fans of The Blank or The Question or Rohrschach


2.) They’re a viral marketing scheme for a remake of The Curse of the Faceless Man


I have read elsewhere (ahem…tmz…ahem) that it’s a viral marketing campaign for Lotus.

I don’t know, but awesome.


Imdb doesn’t seem to have an entry for a film of that name. Have you more info?


I think that if they were overtly famous people that the general shape of their head and jawbone would be recognizable.

Neither seemed familiar looking to me, though it would be handy to have larger versions of the images.

Aha! They’re the Parasite’s kids:


Not a film, but the car company.

OK, I was wondering what being faceless had to do with 123 and WordPro and Notes…

OTOH what’s it got to do with cars?

Time will tell. It’s got to be a bit mysterious to gain public attention before it is revealed as an advert.

It’s the pre-unveiling campaign for the new Lotus 2+2, currently codenamed ‘Eagle’. It will be shown for the first time at the British Motor Show later this month. Current speculation is that it will be called Ethos, given that the names of all Lotus roadcars start with E.

There’s a website, www.facelesspeople.com where you can see the countdown and get on a mailing list and whatnot.

Here’s a photo of a heavily disguised Eagle undergoing cold weather testing.

Well. That’s a lot less cool than my theory that it’s an elaborate protest against the ubiquity of security cameras and the erosion of anonymity/privacy.

[Ralphie]A crummy commercial![/Ralphie]