Who are the other Thomas Kincades out there, in painting and in other arts?

Precious Moments?

William Alexander. I liked watching him paint when I was a kid. I’m sure the man was mad.

Me, too, I guess. Even though I know about the factory creation, I love the stuff.

Those too, but the ones my friend collects have totally blank faces. They might be Amish, or Amish-inspired.

Another Chihuly fan here, but I own none of his stuff.

I’m very partial to Stephen Sawyer of mulleted tattooed boxer/biker Jesus fame. (Sawyer’s Jesus apparently went through some hard times and resorted to stealthily shooting up with other people’s heroin.)

Department 56 is basically an unglazed porcelain “mass produced but call it limited edition anyway” version of Thomas Kincade (though with no actual affiliation to Kincade): overpriced little idealized cottages and the like.

There used to be a lot of highly overpriced “collectible” gnomes made from some sort of wood resin. One line came included a coin on each one as the artist’s signature. I don’t remember the name but I have a couple somewhere my cousin gave me when she decided I needed to collect stuff (specifically resin gnomes apparently).

Guilty confession: some of these things, along with Kincade, almost make me physically ill. Literally. There was something about Kincade that made me have to close my eyes- I don’t know if it was the colors doing something to my cones or whatever, but I had a more visceral bad reaction looking at Kincade and other “let’s oversanitize it and bathe it light that looks like it’s half particle and half cotton candy” than I’ve ever had looking at crime scene photos.