Who Are the People in My Neighborhood (update on RSO)

People asked me to post what I found out, so here’s an update.

Our clerk of courts’ online database got all wonky before I could ferret out all the details I wanted (may need to call them), BUT I do know that the registered sex offender next door was arrested and charged with a DUI in 1994, possession of controlled substance and public intoxication in 2000, and there’s a second rape charge on his record that was never actually filed. It has to be older than the one I do know about, because the Case ID is a much lower number.

Oh, and the official charges on which he was convicted are “sexual battery/FD” and “criminal confinement/FD”. I don’t know what the FD means. They considered but did not file 3 additional charges based on that incident, “rape/FB”, “sexual battery/FC” and “battery/MA”.

What I’m really wondering about is, isn’t there a really good people search engine that’s free? I think it starts with a Z but I can’t remember the name. It’s not Zaba, that’s just a feeder for Intellius.

Thanks to Intellius I do know a bit more about him and his wife and other places they’ve lived. They seem to move a LOT. I found her on facebook, looks like a photo of the two of them on their wedding day.

I think the “F” is for felony, followed by the class (A,B,C) of felony. The “M” is misdemeanor?


Yep, that’s what the clerk just told me on the phone. And the prior rape incident wasn’t filed because of evidence problems. I forgot to ask the year on that one.

To learn more I have to drive to the court, which is about 90 minutes away, and ask to read the documents in person.

Some people here were like “Well, it was probably just a misunderstanding with a girlfriend” and there’s no way for me to know that. The victim’s name is never given.

This RSO almost lost control of his car the other day, came whipping around the corner without slowing in the least. Rattled my neighbor who was sitting at the stop sign, she was afraid he was going to hit her. Now I’m wondering if he’s in the habit of driving drunk.

Pipl.com is pretty good.

Sorry to hear this fessie. I agree with your concerns, I would be very worried if it were my neighborhood. Add “Get far from the street when a car is coming” to your lessons for the kids this week. :frowning:

Yeah, I just found pipl. Which led me back to my local clerk of courts (the rapes were in another city) and his more recent speeding tickets. His wife has several of them, too. And small claims judgements and random crap.

OH this just keeps getting better - now I see that his (their?) adult son, recently divorced, is living with them. He was convicted of burglarizing someone’s home 5 years ago.

He has a wife?

Try to get ahold of his parole/probation officer. He must have someone overseeing him. Tell the cops why you want to talk to the PO.

He was convicted in 2004 and only put on probation for a year.

His wife divorced and then remarried him in 2005. They had another child in 2008.

What’s funny is that the sex offender registry requires that he list an employer. I was curious about that, because I saw that he and his adult son recently owned a business (that failed, resulting in eviction and another lawsuit).

So anyway, he has an employer listed, it’s in a town 50 miles from here. I can’t find that company online, he just listed initials but there’s nothing by those initials online. I wonder if it’s bogus. OTOH, their driveway is generally empty.

How would they know what charges were considered but not filed? Maybe they meant to say that those others had been filed but were dropped.

I think it’s because he WAS arrested, so that’s the reason for the arrest, but charges were not filed. It has a “case ID” but the other data fields weren’t complete.

Has this become your new hobby? I don’t really know what you expect to accomplish with your excessive information gathering on these people.

Well, supposedly I was going to find out that “it’s not so bad, it was a one-time mistake and he’s repentant and wants to rejoin society, so give the poor criminal some space to heal.”

Instead I find out it’s TWO generations of sleazeballs – and bad drivers – in the house next door.

Probably the most useful thing I DID learn is, I have GOT to buy a bicycle carrier. So this summer I can lock my doors carefully (perhaps setting the alarm if we get a system installed, I dunno, I always thought those were a waste of money but maybe not) and drive my children to the lovely park with the paved trails so we can ride there.

Last summer this was the neighborhood where the kids rode their bikes / trikes / wheelie-car things in the street (there are no sidewalks and almost no traffic) while the mommies supervised and enjoyed a margarita. Hopefully next summer we can get back to that – I appreciated it then, and I’ll appreciate it even more so once it’s safe again.

I have a decent system in my place of business that was installed without any cash up front, but with a (2 year?) contract for the monthly monitoring. My monthly fee is reasonable. Also, they supplied me with signage. I put a few up at my business, the remainders at my home.

If I knew I had a RSO neighbor, I’d go for the security system.

Maybe they move a lot because people harass them until they move …

Give them a break and watch your kids, and ignore them. It mice be nice to live somewhere unmolested for a while.

Oh, I have no intention of interacting with them in any capacity, believe me.

I don’t really get it either. Yeah, you know that they’re people to avoid. But short of living in a gated community, are you ever going to live in a totally safe place?

It seems like everything will be the same next summer, unless you spend the spring whispering stories to all your neighbors and spreading fear.

I know you’ve had a shit year, but you’re coming off as obsessed. I know my mom’s terminal illness shook me to the core, led to panic attacks and fears about death. With your sister’s and father-in-law’s (?) troubles, it really seems that you may be doing the same. You may want to look at your behavior from a different perspective, and perhaps looking into some therapy. It does not seem normal to me.

I have a “violent felon” living about three houses down and across the street. I have changed nothing about how I live my life. The fact remains that you know nothing about this guy, whatever marginal information you’ve dug up nothwithstanding. Let it go, and deal with the things that need to be dealt with.

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