Who are these two guys in the Trump/Past Presidents painting parody?

In this parody of Trump’s painting of himself with past Republican presidents, who are the two guys on the right that are above and below O’Reilly?
The guy with the mutton chops and the standing guy behind O’Reilly.

I believe the guy above/behind O’Reilly is Calvin Coolidge (about whom I’ve never heard any allegations of sexual harassment or assault).

But I heard an interview on NPR with an artist who painted the original painting, and that it featured past Republican presidents. The person who altered it for parody may have not changed Coolidge’s image into an actual offender, possibly because the image is small enough that it looked like an anonymous background character.

As for the guy below O’Reilly, I haven’t the slightest. The mutton chops look like he may have started as Ulysses Grant.

The guy with the mutton chops is Terry Richardson.


I don’t recognize some of the other people either. I don’t recognize the guy between Harvey Weinstein and Kevin Spacey. Then they’re is the guy to Weinstein’s right, who looks like Woody Allen, but is difficult to identify because his back is turned toward us. Is that Woody Allen? And who is that other guy?

The guy between Spacey and Weinstein is Bret Kavanaugh. The other one is Woody Allen.

Someone at another site said the woman looking on from the background should have FBI stenciled on her jacket.

I would have never guessed that was Kavanaugh. I guess I just have trouble identifying faces in profile.

That’s definitely Woody Allen with his back to the viewer. The guy between Weinstein and Spacey is Brett Kavanaugh.

Yeah, that was a little confusing since he wasn’t holding a mug of beer. Did you hear that he likes beer?

Grant’s another background president unchanged from the original painting. He’s behind Louis CK on the far left.