Who are you not looking forward to dying?

Now I know that a person dying is traumatic to somebody. Every person has a group of people who know and love that person, and their death will leave a gaping hole in their lives that will only be healed by time. But I’m also aware that a lot of us do not care whatsoever if a person lives or dies.

This is nowhere near as evident in the death of celebrities. Especially in the death of half-famous celebrities. Just think of the media hooplah that surrounded the death of John Denver and Sonny Bono. Let’s not even remember the circus that was the death of Michael Landon. For each it was three solid weeks of tributes and magazine covers, or in the case of Landon, a solid year. I would have thought a headstone was enough, but I guess I just don’t know public consumption.

So I’ll tell you who’s death I’m really not looking forward to. Regis Philbin. Sure we’ll be rid of him from television firsthand, but his spirit will live on on People covers and Celebrity Profiles. Hell, James Lipton will probably dedicate a two hour special to his legacy. It will be as omnipresent as a media campaign dedicated to the new Star Wars movie.

On an unrelated note, I think I’d highly enjoy the media hooplah surrounding William Shatner’s death. Not that I’m waiting for him to die, I just think it will be interesting.

So, if you don’t see this post as too ghoulish, who are you not looking forward to dying?

Gee, this is a tad… morbid.

I fear the day when Arnold Schwarzeneggar bucks the kicket. I mean, if he can get such great attention when he makes a dying movie like Last Action Hero, 'magine the hooplah he’d get when he’s dead himself.

I look forward to the day when Gilbert Gottfried leaves the world. When that happens, I will no longer look on parrots as the most annoying creatures on Earth… that title will revert back to humans by default.


Zsa Zsa Gabor.

I cannot imagine a world sans Gabors; it would seem all black-and-white and dreary. A friend of mine thinks there’s a Gabor serial killer on the loose: how else to explain the lamentable demises of Eva, Magda and Mama Jolie all within two years of each other?

[Hindenberg announcer voice]: “Oh, the Gabordom!”

Mr. Rogers. Even though I never really watch the show very much, he was still a ubiquitous part of growing up.

Gene Wilder. Comedians come and go, but few reach his level of (perceived) sincerity and charm.

Reagan. Whether or not you like him or his policies, the nation will have left an era. I am really not looking forward to the veritable deification of Reagan that will take place once he passes.

Dali Lama. I hope he outlives the turmoil in his region. I shudder to think what will happen if the Tibetan people are left leaderless. I wonder at who will be found as his ‘replacement’ and who will be behind the choice. He is a great (though imperfect) spiritual leader.

Sean Connory. No, not Bond! I just won’t believe it!

Yasser Arafat. Peace negotiations are difficult enough. What would happen when there is a Palestinian power vacuum?

…of course there are more, but that’s all I have at the moment. Looking forward to reading other replies.

You know whose death really bummed me out - Keith Richards.
What? He’s still alive? Well, I’ll be damned…

When Bob Hope goes, I am observing a strict mourning period of no less than 2 weeks.

Karl Malone and John Stockton can keel over anytime they please, as far as I am concerned. But not Chick Hearn - that man epitomizes basketball to me. Same with Vin Scully and baseball, although I wish he would breathe every once and awhile between words.

How old is that Cecil Adams guy? He’s good for a few more years, right?

I’m pretty sure that was taken from an old Onion.

Reagan. I, speaking only for myself, can’t stand the
thought of him being deified any more than he is already.

defecation of Reagan? You’re sick!
oh… my mistake.

I don’t look forward to losing Jim Henson or Charles Schultz… and I’m sure that my mother would deeply mourn John Denver’s passing.

What the hell kind of shambles will this country be in when Alan Greenspan dies? As it is, no one knows what’s really up with the ways of the Federal Reserve. Except for the Illuminati. Yikes!


I’ll be really bummed when Yogi Berra and Phil Rizzuto die. And even though the hated Red Sawks are the enemy ;), I’ll be sad when Ted Williams heads for the Green Monster In The Sky.

On the contrary. I will be more than happy when he kicks the bucket. My friend’s band will be holding a show to commemorate his death, Reagan masks and all.

I have to agree with you about Reagan. Ugh. Won’t be able to go near any sort of media source for weeks, perhaps months. Not to mention the two-month half-staff flag time. While I was working out at the gym a few weeks ago, I looked up at the TV and it was flashing all these pictures of Reagan. My first thought was “Oh crap! He’s not dead, is he?” Well, it was only his 90th birthday. Whew!

Maybe I’ll go to Mercutio’s friend’s show :).

Elizabeth, the Queen Mother. Considering the hoopla surrounding Princess Diana’s death, can you imagine what it will be like when the Queen Mother goes?

What happens if someone murders O.J. Simpson? Good grief! Or if Monica Lewinsky were run down by a cab? Ack! “I jus’ canna take annimor, cap’n!”

The absolute worst will be when Homer Simpson gets killed.

err… me?

sorry but dying’s not number one on my ‘Hey guys, grab a bud and check this out!’ list.

If we’re taking about celebrities that we’ll miss I’d have to say Jimmy Saville.

If we’re talking about a worrying amount of media coverage then I’d have to go Prince William. If, heavens forbid, he gets in a freak accident then can you imagine the storylines?

It makes me weak at the knees.

I am dreading the day that Diana woman dies, she’s gonna be all over the place for months.


Originally posted by cazzle
Considering the hoopla surrounding Princess Diana’s death, can you imagine what it will be like when the Queen Mother goes?


It won’t be nearly as bad. Diana got attention because she had a pretty nice ass and was the “beautiful princess” fantasy that a lot of women latched onto. Nobody dreams of being a really old mother of the queen.

Spike Milligan, one of my personal heros.

He’s getting old.:frowning:

For personal reasons, I do not look forward to the death of Richard Petty.

For “I don’t want to have to deal with the media hoopla” reasons, I do not look forward to the deaths of Regis, any of the remaining Beatles, Ahnold, or Jordan.
I would like to see Lars Ulrich of Metallica die in a truly freak accident - preferably involving falling off a bridge or something - because, while I like Metallica, I hate Lars, and they’re not very likely to release any more good music. Emphasis on good. Also, I want to see how many of my guy friends act like the Deadheads did when Jerry died. [evil grin]