Who Are Your Celebrity Myspace Friends?

So far my celebrity Myspace friends (and on all but one of them I’m pretty convinced it’s the real person and not some fanboy running a fake profile) include:

Seth MacFarlane (Family Guy creator)

Jon Lovitz (comedian and actor)

Chris Rice (CCM artist)

Mark Schultz* (CCM artist)

*This guy’s profile page plainly states that it’s run my his management and not the guy himself.

I still have requests out for:

Weird Al (parody musician)

Ben Stein (political pundit, actor, game show host)

Rex Grossman (Chicago Bears quarterback)

Rachael Ray (celebrity chef, talk show hostess)

Eddie Van Halen (kick-ass hard rock guitarist) (might be a fanboy profile instead of the real deal - hard to tell on this one)

Kevin Smith (director, comic book writer)

I tried to add as friends but was surprised (and annoyed) to find that they didn’t have myspace profiles:

Adam Savage
Jamie Hynemann
Yanni Chrysomallis
Ron Santo
Pat Hughes
Ryne Sandberg
Ernie Banks
Bobby Flay
Mario Batali
Alton Brown
Takashi Shimizu

How about you?

Oh, watch this. I’m going to win this here thread.
Kevin Federline


Jack Box
Jack Bauer
Chris White (Top 5.com list owner)

That’s all I got, I think.

Charles. Nelson. Riley.


I have the band Something For Kate on mine (I consider them celebrities) and I dunno…there might be a couple others…


Mary Lynn Rajskub, Mary “Monkey Girl” Votava and Alfred Yankovic.

Cecil Adams

Kevin Smith

I think that’s it. I hardly ever use the site for anything anyway.

Damn it Psycat, you beat me to Cecil :cool: . Hell, you’re even on his Top Friends list.

I also have Dimebag Darrell (deceased ex Pantera guitarist), Slayer, Mastodon, and The Haunted.

Johnny Cash.
The Burger King.
Cobra Comander.

Vin Diesel.

– IG

I got nobody! I got nothing! No friends at all on my MySpace and that suits me just fine.

Glad to see no Dane Cooks.

I don’t even have a myspace do there!


Jeep Brah.

It’s hard to tell…I have bands that are my friends, but I think they probably have a webmeister doing the friend adding…off the top of my head (can’t access MySpace from work):

The Buzzcocks
Peter Case
The Plimsouls
The Hoodoo Gurus (I think)

I double checked and was surprised that I don’t have any, every friend I have is a person or band I actually know in real life. I’ve thought about adding a few, some MMA fighters and boxers, the Eagles of Death Metal, and Jesse “Devil” Hughes (singer of the same), but I’ve never gotten around to it yet.