Who are your favorite musicians?

Funny! I was just going to add steve albini to my list.

Diana Krall
Jay Geils

Miyaah :>

Just off the top of my head:

J. S. Bach (of course)

Ennio Morricone
Jimmy Buffet

New age:
Ray Lynch

Preservation Hall Jazz Band
Herbie Mann
Ramsey Lewis
Louie Armstrong
Al Hirt
Pete Fountain
Count Basie
Duke Ellington
Cab Calloway
Tall Jazz
Dave Brubeck

Chad Mitchell Trio
Tom Paxton
Simon & Garfunkel

Ken Nordine

Benny Goodman
Glenn Miller

Ray Charles
Michelle Willson
Eric Clapton (for his Unplugged album)
B. B. King
Leon Redbone
Julie London
Rosemary Clooney
Jo Stafford
Classic Rock:
Procol Harem
Country Joe and the Fish
Pink Floyd
Steely Dan

Cowboy Boogie Band:
Asleep at the Wheel

Willie Nelson
Kathy Mattea
Mary Chapin Carpenter
Roy Clarke

Just to see if anybody would read this far:
The Black Watch*

In a Class by himself:

I may have put some people in the wrong categories, and I know that if I went and looked at the records, tapes and CDs I’d have five times as many, but this is enough for now.

My musical taste is pretty basic, really:
Pink Floyd
The Who
The Rolling Stones
Blues Traveller
“Weird Al” Yankovic
The Beach Boys
Jan and Dean
Louis Armstrong
Led Zepplin
Creedence Clearwater Revival
The Moody Blues
Eric Clapton
Blue Oyster Cult
Simon and Garfunkel
Jethro Tull
Monty Python (yes, they are not so much known for music, but their songs (The Bruce’s Philosopher Song or The Lumberjack Song, for example) were works of great art and high comedy)
3 Doors Down

I might get more into different genres later on. I’m looking into buying a Radiohead album, or possibly Talking Heads. Heck, maybe even a Nirvana.

Ok…since the OP asked for musicians…i’m not gona name bands:
Martin Gore
Cevin Key
Trent Reznor
Jim Thriwell
Boyd Rice
Jan Van Ryn
Claus Larsen
Jean-luc Demier
Robin Fink
Dwayne Grotell
Dj Miyer

Moyses Kolesne - guitar - Krisiun (Oh, what I’d give/pay/do to hear him play an all-classical guitar set)
Flo Mounier - drummer - Cryptopsy (we’re letting drummers count here, right? Sorry, old joke)
Vincent Cavanagh - vocals/guitar - Anathema
ok, the rest of Anathema too
The Amott brothers - guitar - Arch Enemy
Richard and Jensen - guitar - Witchery
the mighty Michael Akerfeldt - guitar - Opeth
Marko Tervonen - guitar - The Crown
Gregor Mackintosh - guitar - Paradise Lost
Ginger Wildheart - guitar/vocals - Silver Ginger 5
the Tea Party
Rick Nielsen
Andy McCoy
John Waite
Phil Lynott
Gary Moore
Mick Ronson

Ok, you can wake up - I’m done now!

3.Roy Orbison
4.Brenda Lee
5.Marvin Gay
6.Leon Russell
7.Andrea Boccili
9.Fleetwood Mac
10.Roy Buchannon
11.Everything else

Yes, I think so. Some of their songs are sung by Lisa Gerrard (who has solo albums and can be heard on many soundtracks) and some are sung by Brendan Perry, so don’t give up if the first thing you hear is, say, Brendan’s voice and don’t like it (some fans don’t).

You have a great list! I’m definitely going to check out the people I haven’t heard yet (such as Vas).
Here are mine. We have some artists in common…

Peter Gabriel (my main musical God)
Kate Bush (my main musical Goddess)
Happy Rhodes (an unknown indie artist, an undiscovered gem)*
Jane Siberry (quirky, funny, heartbreaking)**

and, in random order, I love all these people too:
Jeff Buckley
Victoria Williams
Eddi Reader
Mary Margaret O’Hara
Sheila Chandra
Bel Canto (Anneli Drecker)
Loreena McKennitt
Anna Domino
Kirsty MacColl
Lisa Gerrard (and much of Dead Can Dance)
Rufus Wainright
Virginia Astley
Lisa Germano
Vanessa Daou
The Cocteau Twins
Nina Simone
Dot Allison
Katell Keineg
Mary Coughlan
Zap Mama
Tori Amos
Sinead O’Connor
Caryn Lin
The Innocence Mission
Nona Hendryx
Marianne Faithful
Penguin Cafe Orchestra
Kronos Quartet
Marta Sebestyen
Laurie Anderson
Madeleine Peyroux
Maria McKee
Ryuichi Sakamoto
Wendy MaHarry
Holly Cole
Anne Pigalle
Iris DeMent
Haris Alexiou
Sinead Lohan
Siouxsie & The Banshees
West India Company
Danielle Dax (mainly “Dark Adapted Eye”)
Nan Vernon
La Pat
Nina Hagen (mainly “Nunsexmonkrock”)

…whew! There are so many others, but those are off the top of my head. Most of these artists can be found on Napster, and <coughviamyconnectioncough> on Bearshare and AudioGalaxy.

“My ears are lucky to hear these glorious songs…”
Happy Rhodes
*If you try and like Happy, go to her website http://www.auntiesocialmusic.com and plunk some bucks down for a CD (or CDs). She truly is an Indie artist, and deserves the support.

But some of us prefer Brendan! I wish he’d put out another solo album. Lisa Gerrard’s can be kind of… plodding?

Equipoise, you left Heidi Berry off your list! A crime. And St. Etienne! Still, it’s an impressive list. And you should check out Ataraxia (Lost Atlantis is lovely) or Love Spirals Downwards if you didn’t just forget to put them in there :slight_smile:


I do like his voice, but I tend to prefer Lisa’s. I haven’t heard his solo album yet.


I do love Heidi Berry and Love Spirals Downwards! Shame on me for forgetting them. I haven’t heard much St. Etienne, and I haven’t heard any Ataraxia. Thanks for the tips!


“My ears are lucky to hear these glorious songs…”
Happy Rhodes

1: My Band! I love you guys (But if I say your name everyone will know who I am)

2: Royal Canadian Sea Cadet Corps Admiral Mountbatten

3: The Victoria Police Pipe Band

4: A bunch more, but I really can’t say…

hazel-rah, thanks for your recommendations! I am just now beginning to groove to Dead Can Dance and I wonder what on earth took me so long to find out about them. I got Lisa’s album The Mirror Pool and it is just the thing when you need to slow down . . . while putting your soul through an intense aesthetic experience. So far the DCD song I like the most is “Indus” – it picks up where Led Zeppelin’s “Kashmir” left off – and I caught the direct quote from “Within You, Without You.” I love that stuff that just engulfs you in that Oriental mystical mood like a cloud of hashish.

It would max out the board if I named all my favorite artists, but I find it interesting that in all the lists so far (some of which have been relatively mainstream, too) no one has mentioned Neil Young.

I nominate him as a musician, songwriter and singer. You can name a million guitarists more technically skilled that he, but few who play with so much emotion and passion. And that’s without mentioning his acoustic guitar work, which is similarly excellent in the service of his songs (as opposed to flash for its own sake).

I appreciate that he throws himself equally into very different styles of music, never staying in one place for too long.

And though many can’t get past his voice, I find it very moving.

Just my .02.

Paul Simon
Dave Matthews
The Beatles
Ben Harper
Bob Dylan
Bob Marley
Grateful Dead
Al Stewart
They Might Be Giants
Crosby, Stills, nash, and Young
Eve 6
String Cheese Incident
and a healthy mix of everything else…