Who besides waitstaff do you tip?

I think I’m going to start tipping people at the office. “Hey thanks for that report (slip him a buck)”. “Great presentation (puts dollar in her coffee mug)”

Most regular grocery stores that offer this service cover the cost of it by having higher prices, so generally you don’t need to tip. However, at military commissaries, you should always tip because the baggers are independent contractors and get nothing except tips. So it’d be really bad form to not give them a few bucks.

I tip often. Again, because I’ve done work that relies on it. So I’ll tip the person who cuts my hair. Any service done by an aesthetician gets tipped on. Cab drivers. Hotel maids. Room service deliverers. I tip when I go to a deli. I tip when I go into a pizza or sandwich joint. I’ve tipped the people who changed the oil in my car. Generally, if a particular person has given me customer service, and I know their wages suck, I’ll tip them.

I know in some of these scenarios tips are not expected, nor am I suggesting that everyone should tip the oil-changer guy. But I do, because it’s only a few bucks, and it’ll make his day.

I tip 15-20% when I get my hair cut, depending on whether they were ready on time, were pleasant, did a good job, etc.

Curbside check-in is $1-2 per bag, as for most other people who handle your bags like a bellman in a hotel.

Hotel maid $2 per night but ask when checking in if a service charge is being added that includes gratuities.

Doorman $1-2 if he hails a cab for you.

In an upscale place tip the concierge at the end of your visit if he/she provided good servicew, $5-10 depending on what they did for you (recommending restuarants is not a big deal; making a reservation for you is nice; getting a reservation or show tickets for something that’s sold out is exceptional).

Traveling abroad is a whole nother can of worms.

Youlaugh, but there was a contestant on the 2nd or 3rd season of The Apprentice (the only seasons I watched, who went around a basicaly tipped the team that had been given to them. It was pretty embarrassing.

I tip waitstaf 18-20% generally. Hairstylists anywhere from 15-35% depending on the job and care taken. I tip the dealers/stickmen/etc. at the Craps table based on how I did. I tip delivery people usually something like 10-15% depending on what is easiest in terms of change. Cab drivers, 15%.

I almost by rule do not leave tips in tip jars. Maybe not rational, but I mean that is just a hair short of them actually saying, “How about a tip?”.

I like to tip flight attendants.

I hope I’m safe in assuming this is facilitative and not punitive towing?