Who buys Bush's thoughts?

A friend sent this in the email, that he got from somewhere.

A few billions for his thoughts

Apparently we seem convinced that there indeed were these people, raised in Saudi Arabia, who slammed civilian airplanes into civilian buildings. Lets grant that as a fact and ignore all rumors about the US agencies being involved in its commision or foreknowledge.

Amongst many questions I have, one of which is about Ted Bundy… I hear his name in popular media at times. Apparently, he killed a few people and then something happened to him. Now, I am interested to know WHY he did kill all those people. If Mr Bundy were to grant an interview (which he might have, I dunno), he could just lie through his teeth regarding his motive. He could talk about the Lord and try to gain sympathy. He could play the devil, relishing in the image and confounding the rest of us (note my igorance towards Mr Bundy’s circumstances). However, I’m still interested in his motives.

Drawing from the investigative findings and the scientific history available regarding serial killers, some experts can speculate as to why Mr Bundy did what he did. That would put my mind at ease. While we are at it, I’d like to know what drove John Lennon’s killer to do the act. I heard this guy was up for parole recently, and Yoko raised a little hell and then something happened to the rest of this story. I’m sure, this was no occasion to bring up the motives of the murder. I’m sure it was covered at length at the time of the crime. Experts must have speculated and I slap myself for not being interested at the time of the murder (I was into comic books back then). But now I am kinda curious as to what kind of lunatics do such stuff. Or rather, their motives.

I have carried around this feeling of being unsatisfied, of being paritally informed for some time. No one speculates on the motives. We keep harping on incidents and their repurcussions but has our knowledge about the motives improved? Can we do a recap, please? Of course, I could get out and investigate if the curiousity really does kill me so much. But wouldn’t life would be so much simpler, if an expert came along. Someone knowlegable about the subject area and wiling to trade my penny for his/her thoughts.

A self-proclaimed expert is President Bush. He offered his thoughts and a good number of people bought them for… let’s just say a few hundred billions. His thoughts would probably cost even more if you were to put a value on human lives and misery. His speculations about the motives of people who would want to kill themselves while killing others, are probably the highest priced thoughts in the history of intellectual discourse.

This is what he said: ‘The terrorists are people who fear freedom and liberty and want to destroy the American way of life’. And thus, ‘we will hunt them down and punish them’

Now, maybe as a President, he is worth our respect and votes. He may also be a good man but we have no responsibility to pay more than a penny for his thoughts. His intellectual utterances should not be weighed in the same instance as his office.

OK, maybe I have been too hard on him. The edifice that surrounds him, the media that supports him should all be asked this one question: why did the pilots of those airplanes crash into a civilian building?

Well, I am an expert. A self-proclaimed one, too, and I am greedy for your pennies…

The reason someone would crash into a building must have to do with strong convictions. Since the men perished in the crash, the only way to get into their heads is by asking who else is planning to do the same. There are many…

One thing is for sure: very few, and I mean, very few actually want to destroy the way of life that Americans enjoy. Most misunderstand it halfway through and even then they want to participate in it fully. I am talking about the beaches of Florida, the Super Bowl, the ability to buy a car, the fire safety regulations, the freedom to hold hands in public.

Well, you’ve convinced me.


I, also, am entirely convinced. Of what, precisely, I have no idea.

Not me, though.

I want a refund!

X Files meets the Google translation thingie.


Wibble! Wibble! Hatstand!

The bees are in the what now?

Really, you people are being so childish!

Can’t you at least try and be serious and address the point that’s being made?

tsssk, great lot of great debaters you are…

I did address the point. I want a refund!

Or do you mean this point:

See? Comic books DO cause violence! Burn them!


Latro: You see, I got this e-mail the other day… Sorry. A Great Debate this does not make.

Mass debaters, the lot of us.

(By the way, what is the point of the OP’s quoted email? Is the end of it missing or something?)

The point is, of course… duhuh!..jeez. are you dim?..that everybody should have the ability to buy Florida beach fire regulations, in public.

Of which there are many. But naturaly they are few, I mean very few.

Well anyone with two brain cells to rub together already thought that the “Terrorists hate freedom” motive was facile. Are you saying this opinion is news to you? Because there really isn’t much else to the email. What do you think all that “don’t blame the victim” vs “look at our foreign policy” arguing was about after 9/11?

It’s obvious. He’s saying the terrorists were opposed to President Bush holding hands with Ted Bundy as they drove down to the beaches of Florida in a car they bought from Mark David Chapman where they were going to see the Superbowl in a place that violated fire regulations.

A sentiment with which, I think, we can all agree.

The OP is saying that the 9/11 terrorists crashed the planes into the WTC and Pentagon because they want to hold hands in public.

And Bush disagrees.

Either that, or Ted Bundy killed Lennon. From the grassy knoll.


I’ve read the damned thing three times and all I have figured out from this is that the OP gives me a headache.

In all fairness, their there actually is a debate in the OP, although it’s burried in a bunch of blather. And the point has been debated here several times in the past: It is often said that the Al Qaeda group hates the “freedom we enjoy in the US [and the West in general]”. That their motive is to destroy our way of life. The OP is suggesting that we will not get at the roots of terrorism if we can’t see beyond that simplistic viewpoint.

Anyway, like I said, this has been debated to death here so I don’t see much need for a new thread on the subject. Especially one so poorly written by someone who hasn’t bothered to revisit the thread and actually participate in it.

Unfortunately, there are idiots out there who buy into this argument. Some are regular users of this forum, even.

And all these folks easily outnumber those of us who don’t buy into that simple-minded excuse. And they vote… :eek: