Who called me?

I got a cal from an 800 number last night. 800-316-5569

They got past the privacy manager somehow, or maybe it was the beep of my answering machine got interpreted asme pressing “1” to let the call through, but they asked for me by name, Joe X (in any and all professional communications, I go by Joseph, and the phone is in my wife’s name, and she has a different last name than me).

So, since I got them on the caller ID, I tried calling them back. No dice, it rings once and then stops ringing altogether.

I have tried looking them up at anywho.com and inter800.com, and have not had any luck. Any one else had calls fromt his number, and know who they are? Or know where I can find a free listing for them?

Telemarketer, I get those calls all the time. I rarely answer calls if the caller ID shows an 800 or 877 number.
If its important, they’ll have my cell number, which is the one I give out for actual business involving me.

That would make sense, except that like I said above, they called me by a name that I never put in print, I always go by Joseph and not Joe. I have had very very very VERY few telemarketers ever call and ask for Joe as opposed to Joseph.

Also, as I said, my wfe’s name is the one on the phone book listing. Before we were on the do not call list, I used to get a lot of calls for “Mr. [mangled pronunciation of my wife’s name]”

Perhaps it is a telemarketer from Chase. This site has a story similar to yours, citing the same 1-800 number, and citing 800-868-8618 as Chase’s privacy opt-out line. In that case Chase was trying to sell him credit protection for his Chase bankcard; did you recently get a credit card thru Chase (or have a legacy card from Bank One?).

Oddly enough, I did. I signed up for a Chase Amazon Visa about a month and a half ago. I’ll bet that’s it, too…

Memo to Chase: If I have Privacy Manager, it’s because I don’t want buttheads like YOU to call me to sell me something. Ever.