Who cares about Canadia?

So then, why is it that Americans don’t know anything about Canada?

Overheard in a bar in New Orleans: “Ottawa?..can’t miss it. Go north as far as you can and turn right”.

And seriously, why do you show up with skiis on your car in August and ask for directions to a ski hill? :confused: AUGUST, DAMMIT!! Try the north pole

C-A-N-A-D-A…it’s just like the US except less obnoxious, not quite so trigger-happy and obviously more highly educated.

Snow comes in December, August is HOT and Ottawa is next to a mojor highway…just like every other major city.

I donna know… I guess I have a hard enough time just trying to spell it, let alone try to understand it.

I blame Canada. It’s all there faults with their big flappy heads.

Spelling lesson well taken, I see. :rolleyes:

Q: So then, why is it that Americans don’t know anything about Canada?

A: Because we just dont take you all that seriously. Suggest you try the same.

Ottowa’s a major city? I’ve driven through it. It certainly beats out Pierre, SD, but not by all that much.

So why would someone post the exact same rant that Pizzle Boy posted on 06-02-2000?

Spelling errors and smilies even match. Interesting. Let’s have a little look at this.

  1. We don’t live in Canada.
  2. When did I show up with skis in August??? Must be confusing me with someone else.
    3, Blow me, Canada-boy.

Think of your children pledging allegiance to the Maple Leaf. Mayonnaise on everything. Winter, eleven months of the year. Anne Murray - all day, EVERY day.

I couldn’t care less about Canadia.

Now Canada, that’s a country I like. Had a great time when I was there in 1997. Bit cold though. Serves me right for going there in March.

Oh, Coldfire: how in the hell did you remember such a post? You crazy or sumthin’?

Damn, I was just about to email Coldfire about this poster, basedon another thread (I realised Coldfire was the only moderator in my tine zone), and now I see he’s already on the case.

Not crazy. I just recognised the rant.

Kindly ignore this idiot and anything he posts. We’re on it.