Who cleans the White House?

I sent this message in the Uncle Cecil, but it was suggested that I submit it here too, so here goes:
I have a question that has been burning in the back of my mind since I started working as a janitor in my early teens: Who cleans the White House? Or the Pentagon? Or Area 51? Do they have super-duper high security janitors or do they make the scientists and the top brass vacuum before they go home? Im asking because this sounds like a job that I might like to have. Im getting tired of driving the same old warehouse forklifts around after hours. Imagine taking the ol’ Top Secret UFO for a spin after you empty the trashcans!

i’d imagine they have high security janitors. One would hope they would, but after the FBI was able to wander around the state department without a hitch, I wonder.

PBS re-aired a program on the inner workings of the White House just the other day. Can’t for the life of me remember the name of it.

But to answer your question, there just like you’d imagine. Your average cleaning person with a security clearance. It didn’t look any more glamorous than you’d think. I distintcly remember one of the dishwasher of the White House being asked how he liked his job, ‘It’s the White House after all’ said the producer, the guy answered something like, ‘Hey, I’m still washing dishes aren’t I?’ Didn’t look too fun to me.

OK…I can see the White House having just regular staff, but what about the really high security, top secret testing facilities and R & D labs? SOMEONES gotta clean them. Does some unfortunate Marine get to do it?

The DOE operated National Laboratories like Los Alamos and Sandia do indeed have janitors with security clearances. This is sort of strange when you consider that they’re taking out the trash for foreign national “guest” scientists.