Who covered Sonic Youth's "100%"?

I remember part of one verse or chorus: “I’ve been around the world a million times, and all men are slime.” But the version I listened to recently–the original, by Sonic Youth–sounded nothing like the version I remember first hearing, with a sassy female singer vaguely reminiscent of a pissed-off Sheryl Crow. Am I hallucinating, or did some other really good band cover this song (possibly heresy here) better than Sonic Youth?

Also: if it was some totally obscure band like the Fat Mama Jackson Five, where on earth can I find the recording I knew and loved?

listen, buddy, no one, no one does sonic youth songs better than sonic youth. not even pavement (who covered expressway to yr skull, but called it something weird).

i have faith that not even radiohead, who’s made many an originally good song better (blondie’s union city blue, elvis costello’s i’ll wear it proudly, carlie simon’s nobody does it better) could do justice to a sonic youth song. incidentally, if you’ve ever seen them play and looked at the tunings they use, it’d be a wonder if anyone else could actually even play a sonic youth song.

that said, i’m interested to see who covered it, as i have no idea. could be a nifty tune, but let’s refrain from blasphemy here, please. from google, i’ve found that “the rosemary beads” and “good kids pretend they’re bad”, neither of whom i’ve heard, have covered 100%.

Have to agree the Sonic Youth version is class. Although I really dont like Sonic Youth songs that the woman “sings”. She really grates on my nerves!

100% is a really short track though.