Who cut the cheese??

I was watching Gran Torino the other day, and I came across this gem from ol’ Clint:

“Gerroff my Lawn!”

Which got me thinking. Right after I stopped grinding my teeth, and extracted my fingernails (left hand) from my palm (right hand).

There’s a lot of cheese out there - here’s some I remember off the top of my head, I’m sure there are undoubtedly worse lines from movies:

Leonardo DiCaprio - Titanic - I’m the king of the world!!

Tom Cruise - Jerry Maguire - You complete me (as if that’s not bad enough, it’s IMMEDIATELY followed by Renee Zellweger informing him that he had her at “hello”)

Val Kilmer - Top Gun (one of my favorite movies, but it does have some cringe-inducing moments) - You can be my wingman anytime

What’s made you go “nnngggg”, or rip your hair out, or even :rolleyes: or :eek: or :dubious:?