"Who dat say 'who dat' when I say 'who dat?'"

I remember seeing this exchange in a cartoon many years ago.

I’ve heard that it was also in a Bowery Boys movie “Spooks Run Wild,” but I’ve never seen that one.

Anyone else ever head this expression?

Woody Woodpecker, I beleive. IIRC, it was a scene where Woody is sitting on the shoulders of his nemesis character, who starts the exchange, “Who dat?”
“Who dat say ‘Me’?”
“Me say me!”
"Who dat say “Me say me’?”
. . . ad infinitum.

My dad quoted that joke once or twice. I think he picked it up in NC (Fort Bragg) during WWII.


Anyone else ever head this expression?

The first remembrance I have of it concerned a story/joke about a guy that fell in an open grave at night and a guy that walked by. The exchange between the pair ended with something akin to " Who dat updair who say who dat downdair when I say who dat updair, Who dat?"
This was in the fifties as I recall.

Actually, sad to say, I think this joke originated in a Stepin Fetchit movie back in the 30s and ‘caught on’ from there. I believe I saw it used in an Abbott and Costello movie, once, probably one of their “Meets” Frankenstein, Dracula, the Wolfman, the Invisible Man, et al.

My eighth-grade English teacher, a veteran, told us it was a traditional WWII airman’s gag when pilots got bored with (in their opinion, unnecessary) radio silence.

“Who dat?”

“Who dat who say, ‘Who dat?’?”

“Who dat who say, ‘Who dat who say, “Who dat?”?’?”

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There was that bizarre, racist scene in the otherwise deligthful Marx Brothers movie A DAY AT THE RACES (1937), where all the black people in the ghetto come out to sing and dance with Harpo…started off with a litany of “Who dat man???”