Who Decided Age 65 is Retirement Age?

Who and/or how was age 65 determined to be the retirement age?

(For most purposes - I am, of course, aware there are exceptions to this general rule).


Hopefully, more posters with deeper info will be along to contribute soon.

I don’t think anyone decided age 65 to be the retirement age. You can (but not must) start collecting full old-age Social Security benefits at age 65 (now 66 and soon to be 67). You may defer benefits until age 70, increasing your monthly benefits by 5/9% a month for each month you delay receiving benefits, the same formula used to deduct benefits for early retirement, down to age 62.

Note that the law is called OASDI, which is an abbreviation for old-age, survivors’, and disability insurance (benefits). The law did, at one time (up to about a decade ago) require an individual to be actually retired before receiving full benefits. (There was a maximum amount the individual could earn.) This is no longer the case, unless you wish to receive early retirement benefits, when you still have to be retired (but still earning up to a certain maximum amount).

At one time, some governments (state, local, and some federal positions) required one to retire at a certain age. Some private companies might have had the same policy. This would now be determined to be discrimination because of age.

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