Who do I bitch to about messed up stop lights?

Ok. I know that stop lights are great and all but at 1 a.m. on the way home all the lights turn red when there is no one but me. Last thing I want to do is stop for no reason when there is no one out there. I just need to know who’s in charge so I can tell them where they can stick their lights.

Where are you? If you have a city council or equivelant, talk to them.

Talk with either your local or state Department of Transportation.

If that doesn’t work, ask yourself what you would do with the extra minute you would have saved if the light had been green.

** Skogcat ** has it right. Go talk to your local town council. Speak with the city planner, or town manager. Those lights should be blinking yellow for the through-way and blinking red for the sides. *I’m on the local town council where I live. We get that Q a lot!! *.

Even if it is changed to a blinking red, you do need to stop, momentarily.

What gigs me are the sensors that are not sensitive enough to pick up the mass of a motorcycle. I wait through one cycle (if left turn arrow) with no other cars around, then run it.

If there’s no local DOT, City Engineer’s office, if it’s in a city that has one.

If neither, file a complaint with the police force, and request that they forward it to whoever sets the lights. (Sometimes it’s a function of the traffic patrol to contract for their being set.)

That’s the basis for the following old joke:

Late at night, a police officer is coming up to a flashing yellow in his patrol car, when he sees a motorist approaching from the side street. The motorist looks to be slowing down, so the cop is caught totally off guard when he runs the flashing red light, gunning it and cutting through the intersection right in front of him. The cop puts on his blue lights and turns down the side street to pull the motorist over. Asks the guy “What the H*** are you doing!? I saw you slow down, why didn’t you stop?” The motorist’s reply “Do you know how hard it is to time it so you go through when the light’s not red?”