Who do I blame? Charter or ESPN or ? (College football)

So, we’re looking for the Georgia vs. Oklahoma State game that’s been alternately advertised as being on ABC or ESPN2. TV Guide says that ABC is showing Baylor at Wake Forest, and ESPN2 is either showing Western Michigan - Michigan or Georgia - Oklahoma State.

We live in South Carolina about 30 miles from Georgia. They decided to show the Michigan game. My brother and his die-hard Georgia-fan wife are heading back to their house to see if they get it on Direct TV.

I doubt that anybody outside of Michigan would rather watch that game than GA vs. OK St. Who made this call? Who is to blame?

I live in Greensboro, NC and we got Mich v W. Mich too. Granted we’re in the midst of ACC country, but certainly more SEC fans here than Big 10!

I have Time Warner by the way, so it must be ABC/ESPN if you’re looking for who to blame.