who do you like for personal finance?

I have been listening to Marketplace Money for years (used to be called something else), but last weekend I bumped into a radio show by Ric Edelman and I liked what I heard.

I know people who are seriously into Dave Ramsey and one who loves Fortune magazine, the Rich Dad Poor Dad books (?) and recommends a book called Phil Town’s Rule #1.

who do you read or listen to for personal finance advice?

Clark Howard - he doesn’t try to push a political agenda but just gives advice on how to live in the world as it is.

I used to subscribe to a couple of Louis Navellier’s newsletters, which is one of the top-rated investment newsletters out there. He’s usually very solid with his recommendations, and also tells you when to get the hell out.

Rid Edelman is good, but he pushes a little too hard on some investments, which he sells. I like Dave Ramsey a lot, especially his personal responsibility mantra. When he does his Jesus thing, I just tune it out.

We came into some money when my dad died, and we used one of Ramsey’s recommended financial advisors. Really nice guy, and did well for us.

You may also check out Money Talk with Bob Brinker. I like that one too, because it covers a lot of ground.

Also, I like Rich Dad guy, especially the stuff he’s done with Trump. More for a philosophy than actual advice.

I like Mr. Money Mustache. Inspired me to set a goal of much higher savings this year, and beyond.

Are you looking for someone who gives advice on personal finance, or investing recommendations? Folks in this thread have offered both.

Myself. Learn how to do the research. Personally I go for low-risk, low growth dividend stocks of companies that are unlikely to fold up anytime soon. 3-4+% in dividends a year, and maybe a few percent in stock growth, nothing fancy but the main point is to not lose your money. Circumstances will change within a few years; research will allow you to ‘read’ the situation.

Once you have a nice set of assets in that category, you might want to think about trying some riskier growth-stock investments. Again, the key is to learn to do your own research so that you won’t be fooled by hype or hucksters or what-have-you. Maybe you will want to go more conservative instead and just stash your cash in CD’s or bonds. Me, I like investments that are extremely unlikely to lose, even if they aren’t all that likely to explode either. Once I feel like I could survive if I lost my job I will venture into riskier, and potentially higher-yielding, investments.

I need both, so that’s OK. more of the former, hoping to work into the latter.

I’ll have time to check all these folks out this weekend, thanks!! :slight_smile:

I recommend that you start with “The Only Investment Guide You’ll Ever Need” by Andrew Tobias. I don’t think he has a radio or television program but the link above is to his column on his website. There’s also Tom and Daria Dolan, a married couple who used to have a radio program and gave sensible advice, and there’s also Suze Orman.

Also, John Bogle, founder of Vanguard Investments and a big proponent of index funds.

At the moment, nobody, which is probably not a good thing. But I’m more interested in paying off my student debt than investing.

On the other hand, may I say: I hate **hate *****HATE ***Marketplace Money. There are two parts to this: One, the host has a certain undefinable something that irritates the crap out of me. Two, the fucking music they play when they “do the numbers”. Fuck your sad music, fuck your “we’re in the money” music, fuck your “it don’t mean a thing if it ain’t got that swing” music. Grr.

Sorry. Had to get that out at some point. :slight_smile:

Personally, I like Marketplace Money, but it’s only slightly about personal finance. It’s more about economics in general.

Dave Ramsey is perfect for someone who has no money, or rather thinks they have no money. His baby steps are perfect for giving someone a financial start and changing a persons mindset about money.

excellent - brief, but says why you like him and who can benefit. thanks!

LawMonkey, hope you feel better for venting.

thanks for the links, Dewey, I’ll check them out.

Try2B - yes but how did you learn? what books, website, etc did you read?

Dr. Love I am really enjoying Mr. Money Mustache - and he’s making me want to move to Hawaii! I think you might like the guy who wrote Early Retirement Extreme