Who DOESN'T like tomatoes?

Sometimes I feel/think I’m the only one in the world who doesn’t like tomatoes.

No, seriously, who doesn’t like them? It’s okay if tomato-likers reply to this thread, but I’d prefer you didn’t reply at all if the only thing you’re going to say in your post is how you like them, because that would turn it into a “Who likes tomatoes?” thread. : p

My wife hates them with a passion. Won’t even pick em off. She makes me do it. But she still eats salsa and ketchup, so go figure.

I, myself, like them, but have a low limit of tolerance for them. Two/three bites of a burger with tomatoes and I’m done and pull them out.

I’m right there with you—tomatoes are just unappealing in every respect to me: taste, texture, consistency… This is alleviated somewhat by removing some of the offending factors, so tomato sauce is kinda-sorta OK, while a pizza just ain’t a pizza without it. But in general, most things with tomato can be improved by removing the tomato.

Not really, no.
Definitely not whole tomatoes or tomato pieces in whatever form, they have a horrible texture. If they’re completely pureed (e.g., ketchup, some tomato sauces) they can be ok, but even then, I tend to go very light on those sauces or substitute for something not tomato based.
I don’t understand salsa at all. To me, it makes food unpleasantly soggy and tomato-y.

Don’t like tomatoes. Salsa might be ok. Ketchup is nasty. Tomatoes on sandwiches, no. Eating them raw in slices or whole, just, ack, disgusting.

May I just say that that goo in the middle, with the seeds? It’s nauseating. Gooey, gloppy yuck.

This thread is a sight for sore eyes.

Absolutely abhor tomatoes, the texture of tomatoes, and everything with tomatoes, EXCEPT pizza…I can more than handle pizza, tomato sauce and all (and even though it contains tomato sauce, it’s still the food of the gods to me). But everything else? Ick, yick, and yeeeeeecccch!

I react badly to acidic things; vinegar, tomatoes, all citrus, pineapple, passionfruit and probably a lot of other fruits I can’t think of right now. The worst of them (pineapple, fresh tomatoes) are like I have rubbed the inside of my mouth with coarse sandpaper.

I probably lack self awareness but my parents generally regarded all food refusal as if it were some sort of moral failing and/or non-genuine. It wasn’t till I was in my forties that I realised that acidic fruit was actually pleasant for other people and didn’t rip the skin off their mouths, and that it wasn’t simply a matter of me not liking this stuff; it actually physically does bad things to me.

I don’t like tomatoes on their own but I like them when mixed with other things.

I really like tomato sauce on pizza, rice and pasta. But whole tomatoes or tomato pieces? Nope, unless they’re so overcooked that they basically become purée.

For the record, I remove tomatoes, lettuce, carrots, cucumbers… that many people wrongly consider necessary ingredients of sandwiches or hamburgers.

I’ve hated tomatoes since childhood. I hate pretty much everything about them.

(There is one exception- I’ll have a thin slice on a burger… you can’t really taste the tomato, but it adds something I can’t put my finger on. However, if the tomato is too thick and I can actually taste tomato- I pick it out. So gross)

I don’t care for raw tomatoes, but like them in pasta (and pizza) sauce, salsa, ketchup, and other processed forms.

My mom loved them, and her dad, too. When I was a kid, if I had a burger or a sandwich with tomato on it I’d deftly remove it and give it to my mom. She passed away a few years ago. These days, if I get served something with tomato on it (despite not asking for it) I’ll remove it but then eat it myself as a way of remembering her.

I don’t like tomatoes because they try to kill me.

Seriously. I have a terrible allergy to tomatoes. Last time I accidentally ate something with tomato in it (something like 2 tablespoons of ketchup in 8 quarts of stew) I got to spend the night in the Rockford, Illinois emergency room.

I find even the smell nauseating, and just brushing up against a tomato plant in a garden can give me a rash like poison ivy.

Y’all who dislike tomatoes, does this apply to fresh-from-the-garden tomatoes? I mean, I ain’t judgin you if it does, just curious. A garden-fresh tomato, ripe throughout and firm, is to most storebought tomatoes as a fine eclair is to a Twinkie.

My wife won’t eat raw tomatoes. But she does like tomato juice and sauce.

Count me as another who dislikes tomatoes in any form other than tomato based products. It’s hard for me to even believe they’re related, so strong is my aversion to former and my love of the latter.

Yes. Because I’m just as allergic to fresh tomatoes as anything else tomato.

My wife and my son don’t like tomatoes. I do, but my taste for them is limited. Raw store-bought tomatoes are kinda like eating wet cardboard. That thick rind is flavorless and has a very unappealing texture as well. The gooey stuff in the middle is delicious, but there is rarely enough of it to bother with. I have read that the problem might be the way tomatoes have been bred to make them more attractive and durable on the grocery store shelf has also rendered them – literally – tasteless. But I’ve tried a couple of heirloom tomatoes and they were kinda “meh” so I don’t know that I’m buying it.

Fortunately, stewing renders the tomatoe’s rind tasty and its texture pleasing.

But yah … wife and child can’t stand tomatoes … but try getting a slice of pizza out of their hands …

One of my sisters won’t eat tomatoes, raw or cooked, but she’ll eat tomato sauce on spaghetti or pizza and she like tomato soup. But not ketchup or salsa. And don’t even think about serving her spaghetti sauce with chopped tomatoes in it! :eek: She’s the quirky eater in the family.

Me, I loves 'em fresh off the vine. I use ketchup freely. I’ll throw chopped tomatoes in soups and tomato sauces. I don’t like to drink tomato juice, but I’ll use it as a base for soup or sauces. And tomato soup itself strikes me as boring - I won’t go out of my way to have it, and I loves me some soups.

I wish I could grow my own - alas, the squirrels won’t permit enough to reach perfection before they pilfer them. Luckily, we live in Amish country and I pass several markets or veggie stands on a regular basis. One is advertising tomatoes already - I’m sure they were grown in a hothouse, but they’ve got to be better than the crap in the grocery store. I think I’ll stop on my way home today.

I despise RAW 'maters. Cook them in some fashion, and they’re perfectly cromulent with me.

Another “no raw tomatoes, they’re fine cooked” vote.