Who drinks what?

hmm… being admittedly middle aged at this point I’d have to say I’ve settled on lager and Guiness as my usual drinks, but I LOVE a good single malt scotch on occasion. I like me a margarita in the summer, but discovered in college that too much tequila led to broken bones. I’m not a fan of vodka or rum, but mixed with tonic and lime on a hot summer day they can do the trick. Otherwise? Water.

Not that I mind : this has turned into a “do you drink the things on the list” thread. when the op is “what type of person do you imagine drinking these drinks”


When I’m flush with cash (and feeling MANLY) it’s going to be either Oban, Balvenie, or Cragganmore (single malts)

on a night like tonight, when I’m feeling like a little sissy… mmmmm burbon and diet coke.

I need to replenish my scotch collection (I’m out of Cragganmore, hence the possibly incorrect spelling, and Oban)… that’s a bad thing.

Scotch; Glenlivet || Dewars, neat
Bourbon/Tennesee; not in many years, bad memories :slight_smile:
Vodka; Absolut or Smirnoff 100, neat || chilled
Rum; flavored, out of the bottle :slight_smile:
Tequila: Patron

Red; Chianti || Merlot || Cabernet, nothing fancy
White; almost never

Brewed Beverages:
Beer; Molson Golden || Heineken || Bud || Sam Boston
Ale; Harpoon IPA
Stout: Guinness || Commonwealth Pumpkin :slight_smile:

Ok, there’s my Christmas list, divvy it up amongst yourselves… and please, let’s reduce the number of duplicates from last year? Communicate, my friends!


Lager – Guys who watch football on TV
Guiness – The English, and guys who want to differentiate themselves from the lager-drinkers
Wine – Women and yuppies
Whiskey – Normal people like me
Port – Guys in old movies wearing smoking jackets or at their “club”
Brandy – People who are freezing cold in the winter
Vodka – People like me who want a switch from whiskey once in a while

…and you can quote me:

80 proof and ice is nice, nice, nice

Coffee, preferably fresh ground from whole beans

Ale. Not lager, not pilsner, not stout (at least not yet)

Irish or Scotch whisky. I need to start drinking it the traditional way: small pitcher of water on the side to dilute it to taste

Will drink wine with a meal, but this is unusual behavior for me.

Not a big whiskey drinker yet I will once in a while crave the taste of a good stout Jack & Coke

Not generally too fond of any kind of beer (unless I am doing shots of tequila, whereupon I will drink Corona)

I have recently developed a rather sensitive palette for wines. I choose a varietal based on my entree. I will once in a while drink wine by itself, and usually it’s red and semi-dry (merlot or a cab-merlot blend).

I have never tried port wine, but I hear it is best paired with a rich chocolate dessert.

Brandy? Never tried it.

Vodka…hmmm…in my teenaged years, I used to challenge guys to vodka shooting contests (I usually won). I sorta lost my taste for the stuff though.

I most often order a rum (no particular brand) & Coke or Bacardi Limon & cranberry juice.

My preferred beer: free.
Second choice: cold.

So I’ll drink anything, but the below are “my” drinks:

Dark rum, neat, sometimes with a twist of lime.
Grappa in a double espresso, one sugar.
Stout beers: Old Rasputin, Yellow Rose Brewery’s Wildcatter Crude, or Guinness, in that order of preference.

Here in Japan, Stoli is the best liquor handy, so I drink more vodka now. Lately I mix it with coconut liquor, milk, and coke. Tasty!

Different stuff at different times.

I used to like Old Overholt rye with soda (not Beam’s Rye, though in a pinch…)

Laphroaig single malt (very peaty taste), also with soda.

Bombay Sapphire (not regular gin) and tonic.

Jack Daniel with soda.

I was never too keen on rum or tequila, but in a pinch…

The best dry red wine I could afford.

I never cared for white wine, but again, in a pinch…

Several kinds of beer

Guiness tastes like it’s been kegged with old sweat socks…UGH!Why drink at all?

Sadly, these days I don’t drink alcohol at all. I was diagnosed recently with Type II diabetes, so I stopped drinking entirely. It makes me very sad. :frowning:

I noticed that, Lobsang. I think we’re all too busy licking our lips to remember the OP. :smiley:

For my money, over the bar I work at:

Lager–Americans, of all ages/sizes/races/sexes.

Guinness–Middle-aged business men, and adventurous women. (And one of my best friends.)

Wine–Women drink a lot of white–and that godawful white zin–while men seem to think it’s more manly to sip a cabernet.

Whiskey–Anybody who calls it “whiskey” is usually middle-aged, but Southerners in particular seem to enjoy their whiskey/bourbon/whatever you want to call it.

Port–Never met more than a handful of port drinkers. Usually old people after a meal. Very particular about their port, too.

Brandy–Mexican Nationals. I’m serious. They’re the only ones who ever order it. (People who think they’re gangsta rappers like to order criminal things like Hennessy and Coke…which makes the baby Jesus cry.)

Vodka–depends what kind, and how it’s mixed. Any of the flavored vodkas…college girls. A smooth sipping vodka, like Belvedere, Gray Goose, or Ketel One, is usually enjoyed by thirty-somethings and older. Young people don’t want to pay for it, and can’t usually tell the difference. (Trust me, I’ve tested this theory. ;))

Me, I like a stiff Absolut or Gray Goose on the rocks with a splash of Seven. Depending on the pocket book. And, occasionally, a Crown. Those Canadians make some damn fine bourbon.

Tuaca makes a great sipping liqueur, too. licks lips

Never touch beer, and rarely touch wine. I’m a liquor girl.