Who drinks what?

What (if any) are your/doper stereotypes of the type of people that drink…








I am sure such stereotypes are not true. Even so - who do you Imagine drinks each of the above? (for example - Lager : Lads and young men. Wine : women, Port : rich people)

IANAA, but I do like to drink everything on your list. Not all at the same time, of course.

Lager-- Americans.


Wine–celebratory drink at dinner among families.

Whiskey/whisky–a bottle passed around or divvied into shot between 18-24’s, sometimes kept hidden for one’s own.

Port–Middle aged couples at dinner.

Brandy–Elderly women.

Vodka–Frat/sorority drink of choice.

Did I spell whiskey wrong? Is it whisky?

It’s both or either. Most Americans spell it whiskey, but apparently it’s whisky in Canada, and I don’t know how other places spell it.

Against the stereotype:

I am a woman.
I do not drink wine or brandy or port or fruity blenderized mixed drinks.
I prefer beer. Dark beers, regulars beer, lagers, ales, hard ciders, what-have-you. No light beer.

I am a beer snob.

I am a woman, and I drink 100% Kona coffee, black and strong, grown on my friend’s farm in Honaunau, on the Kona coast in Hawai’i.

I’m a college guy and I drink St. Ides High Gravity Malt Liquor. People always say that malt liquor is crap (it’s basically stronger, maltier beer), but for some reason I kind of enjoy the taste. Plus, it’s dirt cheap and it gets me more wasted than I’d like to admit after only two 40 oz. bottles (one bottle gets a nice buzz going, as well).

Though I’m not a beer snob (pretty much any cheap beer will do–if it’s bad I can always just slam it and not have to taste it), I’ve become a liquor snob after trying Belvedere and Grey Goose brands of Vodka. They’re so smooth that when shot, it barely burns, and when mixed it’s like it isn’t there at all. Compared to those two brands, the cheap brands one finds at parties make me nauseous.

As for other liquors, it depends on the mood and with whom I’m drinking. I often don’t get the opportunity to drink wine, brandy, port, or Guinness. I guess I just fit the stereotypes then. Good for me.

Irish Whiskey
Scottish Whisky

I’m Irish and drink lots of Guinness and when I drink which is not all the time I drink lots of Jameson Whiskey. I’m pretty much a walking stereotype but then again so are most people over here :wink:


I’m Irish and drink lots of Guinness and when I drink it which is not all the time I drink lots of Jameson Whiskey

I drink strictly California Chardonnay, Kendall Jackson is preferred although I will drink Gallo Sonoma on occasion.

I prefer Citron vodka with a splash of 7-up and twist of lemon… MMMMMMMMMMM… and NO, I am not in a sorority nor have I ever been in this lifetime.

When the checking balance gets low… however… I do enjoy a $4 bottle of Yellow Tail Shiraz.

Most Beer, but I don’t care much for the heavy stuff like Guinness.

Out for a drink, I do like a good Bourbon, straight, on ice, or with a little splash of soda.

By the pool on a very hot day, rum blendered with ice and fruit juices, or maybe a gin and tonic.

After dinner, a nice port, or a liqueur like Sambuca, Nocello, or Grand Marnier etc.).

When I go out, I tend to stick to vodka-based drinks. At home, I’ll drink lager on occasion, as well as amaretto after dinner.

i woulda thought you’d have better choices over there than jameson. don’t get me wrong, i like it but it seems so american-ized.

FYI, i’m a big fan of glenlivet myself.

sheepishly admits that he’s a male who detests beer and really loves a good Chianti

Tea. Iced, with lemon.

I don’t drink much alcohol these days. When I do, it’s usually beer. I don’t really have a brand preference, but I don’t like all that thick dark nastiness that so many of my friends are into. Man, if it’s thicker than the stuff I pour on my pancakes, forget it! Just give me a Bud.

Harder stuff, on the rare occasion I drink it these days, is usually whiskey–again, no real brand preference–often mixed with Coke.

There was a time long ago when I consumed copious amounts of booze, the higher the alcohol content, the better.

Where is the rubbing alcohol and bathtub moonshine on your list?

FTR, I’m very high class and snooty – those are my drinks of choice.

Me, I drink a little vodka but mostly beer. I do love a good wine, like (Shit I can’t spell this) Cabernet Sauvignon. This is great with a good fllet mignon. French Guys & Gals please forgive my messing up your wonderful language. :slight_smile:

Cheap scotch, on rocks or with soda.

Single-malt scotch, esp. very peaty ones, neat, and probably more than I should drink at once.

Vodka - only in Bloody Marys.

Whiskey on ice. Whiskey and Coke. Whiskey and amaretto. Whiskey and whiskey with a whiskey chaser.

Don’t like rum, though in a pinch you can usually mix it in something, it ruins the taste of Coke though, in my opinion.

Haven’t tried a brandy yet that I liked.

Only like tequila in margaritas, except for Tarantula, which I can drink straight.

I like all kinds of wine, probably too much (as those who witnessed me at a Doper gathering at Chef Troy’s a year or two ago can attest). Especially like dryer reds.

I like gin and tonic, gin and juice, and dry martinis. Do not like gin straight unless it’s been shaken with ice and had some olives put in it.

I like most beers, except for cheap nasty sweet beers (cheap nasty dry beers are OK) and that red crap. I don’t have one particular kind I buy more than all others, but when I think back to my last dozen beer purchases or so I’d say a good 60% were Sam Adams, Tequiza, or Corona.