Who else doesn't ever wear shorts?

I hate the way my legs look as they are covered with unsightly hair, more than what most guys my age (32) have. It is for this reason that I do not wear shorts, no matter how hot it gets in the summer. Actually, since I don’t spend much time outdoors when it’s hot anyway it really doesn’t matter in terms of my comfort what I wear. Still, my family, my friends and my co-workers think I’m nuts to wear long pants when it’s 90°-100°+ outside. If they were to see my hairy legs they’d understand. I’d like to know that I am not alone in choosing to dress this way in spite of the weather.

Mon frere!

Although I don’t not because I’m embarrassed about my legs. Actually my perfectly defined calves may be my best feature (way ahead of my personality) but I’ve never been comfortable in shorts and have never worn them but under duress (gym class).

I don’t want to encourage you to change- grown men look goofy in shorts more often than not- but if hair is your problem you could just shave it off. It’s been know to work.

I’m 16, and a guy. I never wear shorts.
I just don’t like to wear shorts. Some people think I’m crazy.

I’m the opposite, I don’t wear pants. I got ugly legs too. It gets cold in Omaha in the winter. I will wear shorts down to a wind chill of ~neg10F. I smoke outside. Nipply.
Actually I do wear pants for about an hour a day 5 days a week. I work midnights and put pants on about 30 minutes before my boss shows up.
dead0man…who gets made fun of by strangers often when its cold


We don’t wear short-shorts…

When I was a kid (like 9 or 10) my sister (who was 9 years older than I) used to tell me that I had my nerve wearing shorts. I got the uber-skinny calf gene from my mother’s family, you see, and my sister wished to end my blissful oblivion to this fact as early on as possible.

So I stopped wearing shorts as a kid. Nobody else in my family ever wore shorts, so I didn’t feel like an oddball. Then I got to high school, and decided to brave shorts again. I went to the mall, and got a cute little pair of purple OP shorts (it was the 80’s).

So there I am, a fragile 14-year-old, fiddling with my locker combination on the morning of my Shorts Debut, and along comes this older kid, a junior I think (and now that I look back on it, he was uncannily resemblant of Mike Tyson), and he says to me:

“Did anyone ever tell you that you have gorgeous legs?”

Blushing with flattered surprise, I reply, “No…”

He laughs and says, “Well, uh… I can see why NOT,” and hastily makes his retreat.

A couple of years later, he got shot in the arm, which ruined his budding boxing career.

It wasn’t me, I swear.

At any rate, it was 10 years before my butt saw another pair of shorts (the only ones I own are a 7-year-old pair of cut off thrift-store Levi’s consisting mostly of holes, stains, and dangling strings, which I wear around the house in the summer).

Oddly enough, though, I no longer have an issue with skirts…

I’m pretty sure Queen Elizabeth doesn’t wear shorts. At least, I’ve never seen her wear them.

This is like a bizzare (or is that bizarre? :)) support group. I myself disdain shorts. I have one single pair, and I wear them around the house as PJs.

They just look too sloppy, don’t offer protection from the elements, and as a guy, I have all sorts of problems with what the hell to do with my sneakers and socks. If I bunch up my socks it looks like I have too much leg, and if I pull them all the way up I look like a geek (which I am, but others can’t tell by looking at me :D).

Women at least have fashionable footwear they can wear with shorts or skirts. When guys do it they just look like they are wither lazy scumballs or out on the golf course with their layer buddies.

I’m a big fan of boots. I have several pairs of Doc Martins and high motorcycle boots, and for those, you gotta wear pants.

And dats da troof.

Your a guy with hairy legs and are too ashamed to wear shorts?!

WOW! That is sensitive. Don’t start shaving them, smooth legs on men just looks plain weird.

I wouldn’t care what anyone thinks if I were you, hell I’ll go months without shaving and I dont give a rip who sees my hairy legs,chin,pits, or brows. It is just hair not a disease!

I stopped wearing shorts about 20 years ago. I don’t tan well enough to wear them, I’m rather boney, and I’m not comfortable in them. My husband won’t wear shorts either. Over His Dead Body! Always with the boots, too.

Me! Me!

I’ve got good-looking legs (so I’ve been told – and nobody ever compliments any other of my physical features), but I hate shorts! Never wear them.

/me raises hand.

I have super ugly 40" legs. I don’t wear shorts.

So what do youse wear at the beach or pool or on a boat? Don’t ya ever go in the water?

Let me amend that… I don’t wear shorts in public.

Cagiva… if I go to the beach I wear the male equivalent of capri pants. Not technically shorts.

I haven’t been to a pool in more than a year (and it was a good two years before that) and I hate the ocean. In fact, I don’t care much for the sun at all. I like the night. Cool and dark, that for me.

I hate shorts. They just feel uncomfortable. The fact that I was cursed with my father’s chicken legs in no way figures into this. I swear. Jeans and steel toes for me, although if it gets really hot, I’ll go barefoot around the neighborhood. I own one pair of shorts for the swimming.

I hate shorts. I hate the way they bunch up in the crotch, I think they are uncomfortable, and I don’t think they look good. Never have liked them.

I don’t go swimming anymore. I suppose if I were to take a vacation in a resort location, I would buy (shudder!) a bathing suit or something, but I’d have to take suntan lessons for a month before even considering it.

In my opinion, only 10% of the population should be allowed to wear shorts (once they’re over the age of 12). One must be sporting a perfect butt, shapely legs, and great skin. If you are missing any of these traits, go with the long pants.

I haven’t worn shorts for, oh, about 29 years now. I’m still rather self-conscious about the way my legs look - they’re not skinny chicken legs or anything, but they are pretty badly scarred. So, no shorts in public for me. Or in private, for that matter, since I don’t own any…

This brings up a couple of issues for me. Not counting the gym, or trunks to go swimming in, I don’t wear shorts, but probably would if men’s shorts weren’t so damned long. First there are my legs. After much working out, I have good shape and definition about the knee, but my lower legs are like toothpicks. There’s just no muscle belly there to work on. So if I wear today’s trendy shorts, it just emphasizes my skinny lower legs.

And then I just hate the length and bagginess of the shorts. I don’t wear regular pants that fit like that if I can possibly avoid it, let alone shorts. I think shorts about the length of those OP shorts from the late 70’s would be good; until then, wearing shorts isn’t worth the bother.

No shorts here. Although I’ve been told I got nice-lookin’ legs (males in my family tend to be natural distance runners), I just hate the way they feel against the front of my thighs as I walk. I wear running shorts when I run and swimming trunks when at the pool, but thats it. Personally, I think men and most women are committing some sort of fashion faux pas wearing shorts. Not at home, not in public, Sam I am, I do not like green shorts and gams.