Who else is getting sick of anti-vaxxers re:H1N1

It seems for the past couple days, every second post I see on facebook is some idiot I know ranting about how the H1N1 vaccine is SO VERY DANGEROUS!

The latest was how squalene caused Gulf War Syndrome, and I made the mistake of posting about it. I used a quote from wikipedia (in quotes of course), and the replies went from first attacking using wiki as a source, then after I pointed out that the line was sourced in another article from the WHO, I got this gem from a friend of a friend:

I really hope the guy was joking, but just in case, I posted this"

I really shouldn’t have posted, but I am sick of the girl who walks backwards & how thermasol causes autism, and ZOMG!!! The latest comment from the friend of a friend!!

I guess this flu will help me weed of friends who seriously need some sort of medication for paranoid delusions - but seriously I am sick of this crazy going around!

Yep, all medications are bad. I can probably find a website to link to if you want a cite!

There’s already one in the BBQ Pit (see post #47).

Anti-vaxxers dying from H1N1.
Natural selection working at it’s best.

Amen to that.

Last night, a friend of a friend joined the I am refusing the H1N1 Vaccine Facebook group. My reply to his posting of this was the following (first quoting the group’s page itself):

Well, as one of the “anti-vaxxers” myself, I’m tired of EVERY SINGLE FREAKING DAY hearing about this flu. I’m sorry, but it all just seems horribly contrived. I know I’ll probably get backlash on my stance, but I find this whole swine flu “pandemic” over the top. While I don’t want ANY of my family to get sick from this, I do believe we were given immune systems for a reason. The more we “tweak” nature, the more it fights back.

So, no, I’m not running out to get myself or my son immunized. We are being prudent with washing, sanitizing, etc. But, I’m also ok with not injecting my son with who knows what.

So I take it you take absolutely no medication of any kind?

I’d like to stop hearing about it too. There are not enough doses to go around, so let the people that want them get them. Both sides can stop worrying that the other side is killing themselves and shut the hell up.

What I have been telling my saner friends is although right now there is no proof that this could turn out to be a great pandemic like the flu of 1918 - it could, but perhaps it won’t…

From what I read about the Spanish flu, is 1 in 10 people who contracted it passed away and with a typical flu effecting 5 to 10% of the population - the risk of serious illness is 1 in 200. If it does hit bad, and it is as dangerous as that one, the risk of death won’t be as high due to modern medicine & facilities, so people may be able to be treated at a hospital & survive. If only 1% of those who are seriously effected pass away, your odds of death from the flu are 1 in 20,000.

The odds of death from the vaccine I keep seeing are 1 in 100,000.

Personally I feel the risks of the flu shot, if it does become a pandemic are better than the risks of getting sick!

Problem is my friends who are going ZOMGGG!! VAXXINES=POIZIN! can neither spell nor do math, so this will not be of any use - :wink:

Yeah, I mean, who do they expect to swallow this stuff? Flu season just happens to come at the same time every year? How “convenient.” :rolleyes: The whole thing is bullshit, clearly.

Parts of it are over the top, although I don’t know why the word pandemic is in quotes there.

That’s why so many Americans died of vaccine-resistant polio this year.

I’m glad you’re being sensible and I hope everybody in your home stays healthy. But you can find out what “who knows what” is with a simple Internet search. I guarantee it’s on the CDC site for starters.

I know somebody like you! She’s doing the best she can for her two young sons and believes that the vaccine is more dangerous than the flu.

I’ve also had to work double shifts all week because she’s got the motherfucking swine flu (as well as her young sons).

shrug If not for the antivaxxers, I might not have been able to get an H1N1 vaccine. I applaud them, if only because it means I wont suffer.

The live vaccine does kick your butt for a few hours. Treat it like a sleeping pill, and know that you will be crashing for the afternoon after you take it. I, unfortunately, had a lecture directly after getting the nasal spray. I was so exhasted, I had to perform what is known as “tripod sitting” - sitting with my upper body propped up by my arms in order to stretch my diaphragm, so it wouldn’t have to work hard. Each breath became a concious effort, but I wasn’t in any danger.

I’d still fully recomend it for the healthy. It beat a painful, expensive hospital stay by a longshot.

There was a very well-written article in The Atlantic a few weeks ago, challenging how we immunize the herd. But not challenging immunization- just making it a smarter, more effective process.

It suggested that instead of focusing on immunizing those most likely to die from the flu, we should focus on those most likely to get it in the first place- children ages 3-19 and their parents. Immunizing the most likely carriers should do more to stop the spread to more vulnerable people.

We still need to immunize the most endangered people, of course- my nephew is immune suppressed and could easily die from a mild case of flu. But focusing our efforts on the carriers makes more sense.

What I’m getting tired of are the anti-vaccination group claiming that their data is just as valid as “The Establishment” scientific data. Most of the time it isn’t and rather than admit it, they go to great lengths and tortuous logic to demonstrate that it somehow is. And somehow this faulty data is better than mainstream scientific data not because of the rigor of collection and analysis, but because of the credentials the presenter and the buzzwords they use. Rather than welcome critical review of their data and conclusions in improve the integrity of their work or reasoning, they get defensive and turn to the internet to spread their message. We’re at the point where truth be damned; the most important aspect of this debate is now based on how each side is marketing their position. Facts from either side are meaningless in the face of buzzwords, internet rumors, scare sites and unsupported reasoning.

Just don’t insult me and try to call anti-vaccination data and conclusions scientific when the anti-vaccination group refuses to allow their information to be scientifically reviewed and discussed. If they want their data to be considered on par with mainstream scientific data, then they should participate in mainstream science or shut up and be honest about the source and quality of the data and conclusions.


I have not been keeping up with all the hysteria going around re: H1N1, I heard about it back in April, then it calmed down, now it’s everywhere again. Who should get vaccinated for it? I can’t remember ever getting a flu shot (maybe I did when I was a child, but nothing that I remember) and I’ve never had the flu and I rarely, if ever, get sick. (Last time I was sick was probably 8 years ago, even if everyone else at my office gets something.)

I think this is the whole list: the priority groups are health care workers, the elderly, people with immune and respiratory diseases, pregnant women, and kids between 6 months and 24 years old.

If you would read the ‘hysteria’ you’d see the government is saying who should. :wink: Top middle of the page at flu.gov says “Pregnant women and others at risk should get H1N1 flu shots as soon as they are available in their communities,” and there’s a link on “others at risk” which lays out guidelines. I’m a health care worker with patient contact, so I’m waiting until the vaccination group at my medical center rotates around to my department for the H1N1 vaccination. I know we’ve got at least one pregnant woman in our ICU with H1N1 whose prognosis is not good.

Thanks for the link. So it’s not healthy people that should be worried then, it’s only if you have certain health problems or work with people who may be sick.

Just think of it as evolution in action.

There was a very sad case reported in the Science Times of nine days ago. A pregnant got a virulent case of the H1N1 flu. Her lungs basically closed down, as did her kidneys. The baby died after being delivered by an emergency cesarean (the heart rate was dropping owing to lack of oxygen). They had to put her in a coma for several weeks (to minimize her brain’s need for oxygen). Eventually after several near death experiences, they were able to bring her out and she is recovering, although slowly and she may never recover completely. And, oh yes, she has insurance but the copay comes to about $200,000. I guess the hospital will hound her into bankruptcy.

Well, within reason - even very healthy people can get quite sick with the flu, and anyone with a very high fever, delirium, difficulty breathing or any other sign of complication should seek expert help immediately.

If you’re healthy it’s not urgent for you to get vaccinated, but once everyone in the high risk groups is taken care certainly consider getting vaccinated, since even mild flu isn’t fun.