who else watched Sports Night?

Okay, I’ll admit it. I’m one of those bad people who never watched the show while it was running.

But since becoming a huge West Wing fan, I figured I had to check out Sorkin’s other work on Comedy Central and, wow, what a fantastic show. Of course I haven’t seen it in a while since CC seems to have decided to only show Sports Night at 2 a.m. now…and I haven’t had any luck trying to find episodes on WinMX, either. Sigh.

My favorite episode that I’ve seen? The Passover ep…Dan, Jeremy and the other Jewish employees decide to invite some of the Gentiles to their seder. Everyone participates in the Passover pageant Jeremy writes, Dan and Casey have a big fight and then make up, it’s all genuinely touching without being schmaltzy. And damned funny, too. “Who made Dave God?!”

So who else is a Sports Night fan?

Sports Night’s first season is rivalled only by the inaugural seasons of West Wing, Cupid, and Gideon’s Crossing as some of the finest television ever. IMHO.

Damn skippy. Such a good show.

That is all.

I liked the show. But I could never decide if Dana was hot or not.

Loved it. Although it was starting to lose focus there at the end.
It was still the best show on at the time.
Love West Wing too, even though I’m more conservative then that and find myself yelling at the screen sometimes, I’d still hang with those people any time.

The first season of Sports Night was just plain brilliant television. On the second season, Sorkin was working on West Wing, and the quality suffered, but it was still better than most things on TV.

Eli’s coming…

Loved this show! The interaction betweene the characters was great and the script was well-paced and very witty.

Peter Krause in Sports Night was one of the main reasons I started watching Six Feet Under.

Man, ElwoodCuse, you are so right.

I enjoyed both Sport’s Night and Cupid and was disappointed when they went off the air. I beg to differ with the OP though - it seemed to me that almost every episode was schmaltzy. That’s ok though, sometimes I kinda like schmaltzy.

I thought all the women were hot on that show. But Dana was the least hot.

I loved Sports Night. I saw it on Comedy Central when I was at my parents’ house a little while ago, and I couldn’t sit through it.

A laugh track! The horror!

I can clear this up for you. The answer is: Yes, she is.

I loved it, which meant I knew it was doomed. Come on, these people actually debated whether something was ethical before doing it, and even decided not to do it because it was unethical.

I’ll leave Dana to the gentlemen of the board, but I’ll take either one of the guys (sorry, I’m lousy with names).