Who first applied "teabaggers".....

… to conservative “tea party” attendees?

Related question… is it generally considered a hetero sexual move or otherwise?

In my experience . . . otherwise.

From Wikipedia:

An article in Salon.com by Alex Koppelman traced the controversy to a photograph by David Weigel posted on The Washington Independent website on 27 February,[121] showing a protester holding a sign that read “Tea Bag the Liberal Dems Before They Tea Bag You!!”[122] Weigel’s report was referenced by bloggers, including Wonkette, who used “teabagging” or “teabagger” in their headline.[121]

Really? Previous to this latest revival of the term, I’ve always seen the term used to name frat pranks…frat brother X is passed out drunk, let’s teabag him and take pics of it to embarrass him.

Wait a minute! So, a frat boy gets drunk and passes out. His brothers play a prank on him by tea bagging him and taking pictures of themselves tea bagging him. Who is supposed to be embarrassed here?

I always associated with frat boy pranks as well. It is referenced in an episode of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, where it is revealed that the gang used to do it to a crippled guy in their class who later became a priest.

Explain how this is heterosexual.

I first saw the term used by Samantha in “Sex in the City”. She said referred to sucking on a guy’s testicles during oral sex play.

I’m hoping the frat boys from the Greek world meant something else?

If you think it means something else and you are conservative, you still haven’t got the joke…

I first heard of “teabagging” in John Waters’ film Pecker. Here’s an interview from the Boston Phoenix where he talks about the scene.

Same here. I laughed and laughed.

A bunch of guys want to live together. How is that heterosexual?

Yea, the question is who started applying it to teabaggers to the attendees of Conservative Tea Party’s though.

I think it came from the brief trend of mailing tea-bags to Congress, which the Conservatives dubbed “tea-bagging”, some presumably aware of the double-entendre, some not so much. From there, its a quick leap to calling a person who teabags a…teabagger.

Here’s the blog post to the teabagger site that I suspect started the trend. Some of the commenters are obviously aware of the meaning of the term, but I’m not sure about the original poster (who I think is Santelli, the guy that started the thing with his cable-TV rant.)

Because they’re ostensibly not doing it for sexual pleasure but in the interest of embarrassing their frat brother or guest by implying that he would enjoy having other men’s testicles in his face. If the testicles were put there with the explicit expectation that they would be used by the teabagee to give the teabagger sexual pleasure, THEN it would be gay.

This does not rule out the possibility of illicit hopes that such would happen. We just call that “closeted”.

Chalk me up as another person who’s pretty much only seen it used in a “heterosexual” content- a dude that drops his balls onto another dudes face. Usually both parties are straight, and it’s a show of pwnage.
Also done in online video games by repeated squatting over the other player’s dead body.

So some further digging around the tea-bagging site, and here’s what I got. Febuary 19th, Santelli goes on his rant on the floor of the Exchange about how people should protest the Stimulus Package by recalling the Boston Tea Party.

Later that day, his supporters register reTeaParty.com and start planning protests. A commenter gives this idea on the 22nd:

Later that day, people on the site are calling the idea tea-bagging, most of then seem aware of the double entendre.

As the idea catches on, and the first protests happen and the end of Feb, people on the site who don’t get the joke take up the term, and since they’re tea-bagging, the call themselves “teabaggers”

So its a little more complicated then the accepted story of clueless Conservatives latching onto the term. The originaters got the joke, they just didn’t think it out far enough to realize that if what they were doing was tea-bagging, then they would be called tea-baggers. From there clueless Conservatives started calling themselves teabaggers, and from there liberal blogs picked it up and went, well, nuts.

Also, does anyone know what the Abbie Hoffman reference from the first quote in my last post is in reference to? Presumably something in “Steal This Book”, but did Hoffman really come up with the tea-bag idea, or just sending random crap to politicians, or just the general idea of weird and amusing protest actions.

Yes. I took “hetero” as meaning a man and a woman. I’m not denying that this has never happened, but I’ve usually heard of it happening with two (straight) guys.

Liberty Bell probably got the joke.

I think you’re conflating the “roman helmet” with teabagging. For actual teabaggery to occur, the balls have to be dipped inside the mouth.

Well of course in your experience it’s otherwise :wink:

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