Who freed up the $8 billion for the Iranian hostages?

Was it Carter or Reagan? I’ve seen both listed at various cites, so i want to know which one actually did it.


President Carter; Jan. 19, 1981 (the day before Reagan’s inauguration); Executive Order 12277:

But…this order was not enforced until the next day, after Reagan was inaugurated and after the hostages were released. So…Carter authorized the release of the Iranian assets but Reagan was President when they were actually released.

And for the record, Carter did not issue this order until after the signing of the “Algiers Accords” in which Iran agreed to release the hostages.

So who should rightfully get the credit for paying them off? Carter or Reagan?

Obivously, Carter.

Well, Carter agreed to release the funds and signed an Executive Order releasing them. Reagan allowed the release of the funds to go ahead, though I don’t know if he actually could have stopped the process or not.

Your opinion is as good as mine, but I would give Carter the credit.

But, given that Reagan would certainly have been kept informed about what was happening in the negotiations and that he probably could have scuttled them if he had so desired (all he had to do was make it known that his administration would take a “hard line” on any agreement he didn’t approve of) I think it’s fair to say that both men approved of releasing the funds. I’m not sure how that affects any question of “credit.”