Who gets around...

to the most dopefests?

I was just curious as to:

  1. Who has attended the most?

  2. Who has attened the most at different places?

  3. Hi, Opal.

So basically, who’s the biggest dopefestslut? :wink:

You rang? :slight_smile:

  1. I’ve been to 18. The 19th one will be Spiffled in a week. I think I tie with beatle for most attended.

2)I think I win for most PLACES. I’ve been to Dopefests in DC, Chicago, Spiffled, NYC, Norfolk, Raleigh, Flint, and Dallas. I’m hoping to make it out to Cali this summer.

Falcon, you rock. I really wish you’d been able to come to ours a couple of weeks ago. That would probably have beeen your farthest (?) one to date–well, no, Dallas would still be farther. Oooh, maybe you could make it to the one we’re maybe planning this summer? Florida would make a nice addition to your list of places, wouldn’t it?

Yeah, Falcon! You should try! Then I won’t have to wait until August to meet you! Think about it, at least??? :rolleyes:

[sub]That reminds me… I better go bump that thread. Maybe someone else has some ideas on the whens and wheres for this thing…[/sub]