Who gets the win?

Pitcher A leaves the game after five innings, his team (home team) up 2-0.

Pitcher B comes in to pitch the top of the sixth. In the bottom of the sixth his team scores another 3 runs to go up 5-0.

In the top of the seventh, pitcher B gives up 3 runs. Home team still up, 5-3.

Game ends 5-3. Who gets the win, Pitcher A or Pitcher B?

Pitcher A. Five innings is enough for a starter to get the win if he leaves with the lead and the team never loses it.

As long as the team never gives up the lead, the final score doesn’t matter. If Pitcher A left with the lead and the other team never ties it up or goes ahead, Pitcher A gets the win.

This is the key bit – what matters is if the team ever relinquishes the lead, not who the pitcher of record was when the team scores the run that proves to be the eventual margin of victory.

Thanks everyone.

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