Who gives apples on Halloween?

We’ve all heard the urban legand/ possible truth of people getting razor blades in apples on Halloween, which of course, leads one to wonder, has ANYONE out there actually ever gotten or received an apple?

In my own experience, if someone was dumb enough to give out apples, they were (at best) thrown out because, hey, what 10 year old is going to take up valuable space in his pillowcase with that crap when he could get more Snickers bars in it. Usually, the trick-or-treater repaid the gratitude anyway by throwing the apple at the door of the person who gave it.

This makes me think the razor-in-the-fruit rumor is even dumber because I’d say you’d be lucky if you got ONE piece of fruit in an evening, and I’d bet serious money you’d remember which house it came from because it was unusual.

Sorry, that should read “…GIVEN or received an apple”

I got apples on a couple of ocassions as a kid. I think it was one of my teachers who gave them out. I remember thinking “Why do we even come here, we get apples.” The biggest thing was that apples bruise so easily, that we were never concerned about razor blades (even when we believed the urban legend). There’s no way to get a blade into an apple without being quite obvious.

I do remember thinking that my teacher hated me, so I looked carefully.

When I was growing up, we usually got apples from elderly people. They were always bruised or really mealy, like they’d had them since August or something.

The really cool parents (who were somewhat “health conscious”) gave out caramel apples sometimes. Yum! That’s the only way I’ll even deign to eat an apple. I gave them out myself about ten years ago. Huge hit with neighborhood kids.

Bastards and dentists.

I rarely ate them, but they have god ballast for chucking at things. Never say a razor blade or anything mysterious in my candy bags. Wish I’da got caramel apples, though.

I usually got one or two caramel apples, circa 1975, 1980. Once I got a candied apple that nearly broke my jaw. I think it was made by a glazier.
Here’s the obligatory snopes link.

When I was a kid back in the 50s and early 60s, it was by no means unusual to get whole bags full of homemade treats – including apples, candy apples and caramel apples, along with popcorn balls, cupcakes, cookies, brownies, pretty much anything that could be thrown into a bag.

By the 70s, all the legends about razor blades and pins (not to mention Ex-Lax in the browines) had begun, and police were telling parents to throw out anything that wasn’t wrapped and sealed. That’s when the “tradition” of fun-size Milky Way bars really got started.