Who has been to Buenos Aires?

It’s the one place on earth that I must see before I die. I have a major curiosity about Buenos Aires.

Has anybody been there, even beter …live(d) there?
Could you give me little pieces of info, or little stories…something that will make the image of Buenos Aires more vivid in my imagination?

I haven’t been, but, I know where you’re coming from - I have the same curiosity. I check the airfares there at least once a week. I look it up in the daily World Weather Report. I want to get married only so that I can honeymoon in Buenos Aires, as I reckon that’s probably the only chance I’ll ever have to go there. I guess I’m actually obsessed with the place. I’m almost afraid to go now 'cause I’m so worried I’ll be disappointed! It just fascinates me though and I don’t know why …

Wait, I thought it was wiped off the map by Bug bombing about two years ago?