Who has jurisdiction.........................

If a murder was commited in Antartica, who would have jurisdiction? There are people who do live in Antartica, but Antartica is not a country or a jurisdiction. If someone was murdered, would the suspect be tried in the country of the victim’s origin? For example if an American kills a Russian, is the American tried in Russia? What are the laws in Antartica?

Same question, but this time on the high seas. If someone was murdered on a registered ship, for example, Norwegian Cruise Lines, is the person tried in Norway? Or would the jurisdiction be the point of departure, if the cruise line departed New York, is it an American matter, even if the two parties are not American or the ship is of American registry?

Who has jurisdiction if a crime was committed in an unregistered vessel in international waters? I kill another person on a fishing boat in the middle of the Atlantic? Who has the jurisdiction?


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