Who has never stolen anything?

I was reading an old thread mentioning that pretty much everyone in certain types of jobs steals from their work.

I’ve never stolen anything - at least any physical products. I’ve pirated music and games before. I don’t want to turn this thread into a debate as to whether that constitutes theft equal to physically stealing things. For the purposes of this thread, exclude copying digital information. If you’ve never pirated a thing, though, feel free to say it.

Anyway - a few times in my life it’s come up for one reason or another, and the general reaction is that people either think I’m lying, or they think I’m strange. I recall job applications in my teens that asked if I’d ever stolen anything - I debated lying and hesitantly saying yes because I thought they might assume you have stolen something and were looking to see if you were honest about it. I considered lying in order to not appear to be a liar…

I simply find it unethical, so I don’t do it. I’ve gone back to pay for things that I accidentally taken with me. Plus - by the time I was in my late teens, after realizing I’d never stolen anything, I never wanted to break the perfect streak - it would seem odd to go all those years never stealing, and then suddenly start.

So I’m wondering, am I unusual in this regard? Has anyone else gone through life without stealing anything? Do people you know consider that strange?

Close, but not quite. When I was 18, I went to buy a modem at Radio Shack (28.8k, w00t!). The plan was to pay $30 on a credit card and the remaining $200 in cash. The cashier rang up the $30, went to get a bag for the modem, bagged it up, and sent me on my way. Without collecting the $200 in cash. I realized it as I was walking out of the door, and I kept walking.

Not something I’m proud of, but stealing nonetheless.

Still, I wouldn’t be surprised to find there are quite a few folks here who haven’t stolen anything, and I certainly wouldn’t consider them odd.

I’ve taken pens, Post It Notes, file folders, etc. Lock me up!

I don’t think I’ve ever actually stolen anything (I can say that since you’re not counting downloaded music).

Maybe the closest I’ve come is removing a couple of handfuls of pretty little rocks from a beautiful beach and THEN seeing the sign on our way to the parking lot that reminded visitors not to remove ANYTHING from the natural habitat. Oops … :frowning: Still feel a little bad about that.

Oh, also, once I bought a pair of sneakers that were on sale - the new price had been hand-written on the sticker but it was blurry and had obviously been hastily scribbled. I thought it said $49.99 but the cashier quickly glanced at it and rang it up as $19.99, and I didn’t argue. I guess that kinda counts as stealing. :frowning:

Once I absent-mindedly walked out of a department store with an unpaid-for sweater looped over my arm … when I got to my car I realized my error and went back and returned it to the cashier. It was the same store as the aforementioned sneakers, so maybe it sorta works out in a karma kind of way?

PS - I’ve only worn the sneakers once … the guilt is overwhelming … I should donate them to charity I guess.

Never stolen anything.

Are we counting absentmindedly walking out of work with a pen and never bringing it back? Because if so then I am guilty many times over.

When I was six years old, I took five dry beans from a bag of beans at the store that had gotten somehow opened. I felt so awful that I hid them in the dirt under where our car was parked at home. Of course they sprouted, and I felt even WORSE.

True story, esp about the feelings of guilt.

Same. I can’t think of things I’ve deliberately stolen (other than from my siblings, and I always gave that stuff back), but I’m certain I’ve accidentally left work with pens.

Hey you should have climbed up the beanstalk.

Have you never read the story?

Oh yeah I’ve stolen stuff as a kid, nothing really valuable but theft even so.

As an adult, colour me honest

Pens don’t count. They have a natural migration pattern that you can’t control. I just round them up at the end of the season and return them to work. I certainly don’t need more than a pen or two at home.

One time when I was about 11, I took a little hair bow from a booth at our town carnival. I felt so guilty about it that I hid it under my mattress and it felt like the tell-tale heart. Finally, I buried it in a bag of trash that was to be picked up that day.

Other than that, I have never stolen anything at all. IMO, thieves are the lowest of the low and I have no desire to join their ranks.

I shoplifted a few trivial toys when I was 12 or 13, just to see what it was like (answer: it induces paranoia). Other than that, I’ve spent my life being scrupulously honest.

I don’t think it’s possible for me to steal from the workplace, since I work from home three days a week. Then there’s the fact that the office supplies here are so trashy that I end up buying my own for the office.

I stole a piece of bubble gum when I was 6. Ooh boy after Mom & Dad got done with the public humiliation and guilt trip I had no gumption to do it again, on purpose at least.

When I was 12, my girlfriend shoplifted makeup and candybars from the local drug store. I was so mortified when she showed me the stuff. I thought for sure I was going to jail because I was with her. I stopped hanging out with her and went back and told the owner about her.

When I was 25 or so I went to Albertson’s to get some stuff to wrap Christmas presents. I also found a nice tube of lipstick. When it came to check out I didn’t have the lipstick, but figured I dropped it someplace while roaming. When wrapping presents a couple of days later I remove the saran warp sleeve covering the wrapping paper and the lipstick fell out. I went back and paid for it. The manager thought I was a whack job.

As for work supplies, I have pens and stickies at home, but they got here more because I was working at home. If the kid uses a stickie, I don’t sweat it. Every so often I gather up the pens and return them the tray in my desk at the office.

I’ve done something similar. I went to return something to the service desk that I didn’t want, and told them that I also wanted to pay for an eyeliner that I seem to have not paid for on the previous trip. I had to explain more than once for them to understand, because it was such an unusual request. :dubious:

I did take home a roll of toilet paper from work when I was young, single, and completely broke, but I also used my own office supplies (by preference) and more than once did work off the clock, so I figure that’s a wash.

A packet of tea. It was still in my cart when I gout through check-out and I was too embarrassed to bring it back.

I have stolen time from work, though. All those hours getting paid while going home a little early sure add up over the years.

Sometimes I think I am the last honest person on earth. I am so tired of people telling me how they cheat on taxes. Pay what you owe, people. Your filing cabinet in the corner of your garage is not a home office, and you damn well know it.

I once stole my girlfriend’s heart. I enjoy it with fava beans and a nice Chianti.

I had a similar experience with a girlfriend. She stole things from the local TG&Y–which her family owned --and other places as well. The only place I would go with her after awhile was the movies.

And I do the same thing WRT taking things back. (Although, if I discovered it days later, I would be less inclined to do it.) One I recall was, I was browsing in a Barnes & Noble at lunch, looking for the perfect book. I had one contender in my hand, but I didn’t really think it was the book for me and I was looking for something better. Then I gave up, realized I was stretching the boundaries of my lunch hour, so I left. I hopped on the shuttle to go back to my office and when I did so I looked at the book in my hand and thought, "Hmm, usually they give me a bookmark…I wonder why they didn’t…!..!!!.. :eek: "

So after work I went back, took the book in and paid for it You would think that, if they couldn’t appear to be at least moderately grateful for an honest (or guilt-ridden) person, they would at least not treat you like the stupidest person alive.

I wore a pair of shoulder pads home from work when I was 15 and worked at Au Coton.

I have loads of pens from work at home, and a couple of sticky pads; however, I work from home during off hours for free quite a bit, so that sort of evens out I think (I use the pens and sticky notes for work).

I think that’s it.

If you don’t remind me to give back your pen, it’s a goner. If it’s nice, and if I remember where I, err, “obtained” it, I’ll bring it back. If it’s a cheapy with your comany logo on it, you’ll never see it again.

Once, at about age 10 or 12, I embezzled Monopoly money during a game. Shortly after that, a real embezzler made the local paper, where I read the definition of, and penalty for, embezzlment.

Other than that, I’'ve never stolen anything.