Who Has the Lamest Computer

My everyday computer is a thrown together box with an old Pentium 233 (Which I overclocked to a blazing 266 :rolleyes: ) running Win2k pro, 228 megs of ram, an aging ten gig HD, 16 meg vid card, with an ancient generic Soundblaster 16 card.

But I have broadband, and can run AutoCAD 2000, MS office, Photoshop 6, etc (All bought and paid for BTW), and I have my box connected to my equally ancient stereo, so I can listen to my ancient music collection, which I uploaded to the HD.

I can even run some of these these programs at the same time, plus a web browser, and actually not really have to wait on stuff. I have maybe 10 old/gimme comps in the garage, and maybe will try to build something better/faster one of these days, but this lame box does well.

Can you beat that for your “regular” computer re lameness?

My brother still runs my old Compaq 4160, 150 megahertz, 64 meg RAM, 5 gig hard drive, windows 95 with AOL 4.0. He has all these old games the new machines will not run.

Win95 and AOL 4.0…Damz, those were the dayz…hell, back then that was hot!
Hell, I remember Qlink…lol Thanks for the reply.

I still have my amiga 1000 and 500. I have the A500 HDD for my amiga :smiley:

And the blasted machine has ALWAYS run games better than any similar PC. You should load up Eye of the Beholder in a side by side test. Amiga blows the PS’c socks out of the water handling the graphics.

I have a ZX81.

Actually, three of them. :slight_smile:

When I was practising some network configurations, I had Windows 2003 Server loaded up on a Pentium 200 with 64MB of RAM. It ran - just barely. Took over 2 minutes to boot, and ages more to login, but once it was up and running, it was actually pretty decent. I wouldn’t have wanted to run anything but the OS on that system, though.

My brother still has a 486 DX4/100 with a whopping 128Mb of RAM, a ludicrously spacious 500Mb HDD, and a state of the art 8Mb 3Dfx card, with the latest in digital audiography being provided by a SoundBlaster 16 card. And just in case those 3.5" floppies aren’t working and a 24x CD Burner isn’t Old School enough, it has a 5.25" floppy drive as well. Naturally, of course, it also runs under that pinnacle of Operating System brilliance, Windows 95- to ensure the maximum level of enjoyment and utility no matter what the task!

It can run Civilization II and RollerCoaster Tycoon * with the best of them, but you’re pushing your luck with anything more advanced than Age of Empires II* or European Air War… although, oddly enough, you can play Deus Ex perfectly well with the graphics at their lowest setting and most of the dynamic lighting effects and so on disabled.

He does have a newe computer, but the old one does, as far as I know, still work.

Eventually these old PCs are going to be worth money, and have historic value, I daresay… When my fiancee and I were in Melbourne a few months ago, we saw CSIRAC- the oldest intact digital computer in the world. It’s about the size of a decent living room, and although it’s currently inoperable, all the parts are there and it could be made to work again if someone had the time, inclination, and money to make the necessary repairs and pay the resulting power bill when they switched it on!

I have a 1999 HP Pavilion 4440, refurbished, 64 MB of RAM, with a “video/modem card” (yes, that is one card), 1 USB port, 1 PCI port, and a PCI/USB port (can be used for either.) I can’t play action-type games. In fact, I can’t do much of anything, really. But it was pretty cool in 1999.

My home computer is a standard Windows box with an Athlon processor, running Windows 98. I don’t know its vital statistics. It has a couple of USB ports, CD drive, floppy drive. Generally it does fine, except for the usual Windows crap. I do notice that a lot of newer software (like iTunes) isn’t designed to run on Win 98. I guess I’m approaching obsolence there.

I also have a little-used IBM Thinkpad running Windows 95. I just booted it up the other day to see if it was alive. It was.

You know I am still royally pissed off that my new computer with windows XP will not run Aliens Vs Predator, it took me a long time to get somewhat proficient. :mad:

I have a laptop, on the surface it seems fine… 2.8ghz 512 ram ect ect. But only half the screen works and I have it plugged into a monitor, strikes me as lame. :frowning:

I still have my first Computer. It found it ways back to me. The **TI99/4A ** with an **awesome 16KB of Ram ** and no harddrive or floppy. **External Cassette ** only. I haven’t fired it up in 11 years, but I have it in a closet.

My Amiga 500 went wandering around and finally died in a flood. I don’t know where my Commodore 128 or ExpoTech 486/33DX have gone.

I have built some good Win98 machines for < $200.
I have a great XP box I built and keep updating but all told I have about $1000 invested in it.