Who here has gone the longest without...


I’m proud to say that it has been 11 years since the last time I vomited. Not an exceptional streak yet, but hey, I’m only 21 years old. In 70 years or so, I’ll be in Guinness and hyping myself on talk shows, getting book/movie deals, etc.

I attribute my success so far to not drinking, not being too bothered by gross sights/smells, and somehow not getting ill with anything worse than my annual cold since '89.

Anyway, wish me luck, and more importantly, if you’re working on a long streak, share it with the group! Let’s see who has the longest.

Also, if you happen to have any amusing anecdotes regarding your last barf, post that too. Because if my “Iron Man” streak ever gets broken, you guys can expect a full report :slight_smile:

Clearly this is not someone who has ever seen the “Teletubbies”.

peas on earth

21, bah. You haven’t been introduced to Jose Cuervo yet. Your streak will fall. I had a streak going from the time I was 5 years old until I turned 19 and began college life. Don’t recall he precise end of that streak, but its at least 3 years longer than yours. Call Guiness!

Don’t remember vomiting my senior year of college but my junior year I believe I did (hey practice makes perfect, learn how to get drunk without vomiting). Thus I would have to say about 9 years for me.

You are right, I’ve never had the pleasure of watching the Teletubbies. Too risky.
I did watch Barney once. I think I had an out-of-bouy experience as a result, but I didn’t throw up.

I hadn’t realized we were expected to keep records …

Well, If it weren’t for that food poisening I recieved from Subway (never eat anything that isn’t cooked from there!), i’d have to say my streak ended at around 10 years.

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Yeah, places like Subway and Taco Bell scare me a little. I know a bunch of people who have gotten sick from the local Taco Bell, so I avoid it.

I am, however, hooked on Burger King. If my trusty BK establishment slips me a raw burger one day, I could be in trouble. Maybe if I didn’t feel right after eating one, I could get my stomach pumped. Money is no object, the most important thing in my life is preserving my “Iron Man” streak.

DISCLAIMER: Pregnant women and bulemics are not advised to join this contest.
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So what’s wrong with throwing up?

During the days of vaudeville, there was a whole class of entertainers known as “regurgitaters” who would swallow and puke up all kinds of interesting things for the audience.

I suspect it’s just a matter of time before this art form returns to the mainstream on one of those freak shows on the UPN network that feature people poking holes in themselves and doing other things that make the squeamish wince. Maybe it already has, and I just haven’t seen it.

Now please excuse me while I make dinner.

Yeah, there is a guy doing professional regurgitation now. I don’t remember his name, but I saw him on Viva Variety and the Guiness Book show. And I saw this cool movie on the net, on that page from the Grossest Thing You Ever Saw thread. This Japanese chick… well, maybe you should see it for yourselves… yuck.

Not since 1978. That is 21 years so far. Oh God am I old

Only 7 days ago. <sigh>
Not from driniking either. Got sick from spaghetti that my boyfriend made. The spaghetti was great but it didn’t agree with me! It will be A LONG time before I eat spaghetti again!

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Princess Di once went a day and a half!

You have just described the Jim Rose Circus Sideshow. Mr. Rilch and I went to see it on Halloween in '93. I got to stand on Jim Rose’s back while he was lying face down in broken glass.

At least one of the act (maybe the whole crew, I’m not sure) was on an episode of the X-Files. The guy that I’m sure was on was the one with tattoos on every inch of skin.

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Nice job, Markxxx! You have the longest streak so far, with Omniscient in second.

Got any tips for us? Secrets to your longetivity?
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