Who here has the longest commute between home and polling place?

I’ll start the bidding with a 14 minute drive each way. It’s only 4.5 miles as the crow flies, but 8.5 miles by road, and the roads just ain’t that good. By contrast, I only had to wait in line 3 minutes.

Thanks to the sheer volume of traffic lights between my apartment and city hall, it takes me 17 minutes one way.

I’ve got one of the shortest- I can see my polling place from my bay window. It’s across the street at the Catholic girls’ high school. Time from my couch: 45-50 seconds-1min. if there’s traffic.

I’ll go for the shortest. Three blocks. Five minute walk.

I have a shorter walk, Drain Bead. The polling place is about 100 yards from my house. About a 1 minute walk.

100 yards? Phhht… that’s endless! Mine’s about 35 yards!

(In fact, my vertical vector – down seven flights in my apartment building elevator to the street, and another flight to the basement of the polling place – may be longer than my horizontal one!)

I am about a mile from my polling place. Took me two minutes to get there and twenty minutes in line to vote. Some of the other polling places in my city had hour waits.

Does it count if my polling location was changed a few months ago, and I was sent a notice in the mail with the new location, which I read and said to myself “ok, I KNOW EXACTLY where that school is” and then promptly threw it away?

And then, this morning, when I arrived at the place where I just KNEW EXACTLY the school was, of course it wasn’t there, and then spent 35 minutes hoofing around Brooklyn looking for the school?

It turned out to be about a 10 minute walk from my house, and I waited in line for 5 minutes.
Mike G, when I read your post, I mistakingly read it as “from my BAR window” and I thought, “hey, I want to vote with this guy!”

Well, uh, I can’t compete, but look, I’m posting anyway!

My polling place was at the school down the street. I can’t see it out of my window, but I can hear the kids playing and the bells ringing from the back porch, so I’m pretty close. Took me a couple minutes to walk down, no line (there was another polling place on the next block, probably cut down on the congestion). I thought it would take longer, and ended up getting to work (where I went immediately after voting) ten minutes early.

Mine’s across the street from my house. But isn’t this a poll for the LONGEST distance to your polling place?

My home’s in one state, and since I attend college my polling station is in another one entirely…two day drive.

Does that mean I win anything?

Thirty-five miles one way, because I live on the wrong side of the road.

40 minutes each way by London Underground. However, at the job I’m on for the next month (and about two or three months every year from now on) I have to travel regularly to Paris, Cologne, Madrid and Orlando.

Oh bugger.

I apologise for being so unbearably dense that I posted without even reading the question. I’ve just got back home so all I can think about is work.

Sorry, bibliophage

They let you vote in Paris, Madrid, Cologne, and Orlando? God damn, I want to join the EU…