Who here is or lives with a hypochondriac?

My SO can’t go through one full day without saying, “I think I’m fighting something.” He thinks he has a cold if he has to clear his throat more than twice a day. He won’t let my son nap on his side of our bed because he is just sure that kid germs are the source of all illnesses. He will immediately stop any conversation if the word “cancer” comes up (he wouldn’t even watch the HBO Original Movie “Wit” with me). He is preoccupied with the prospect of death by some horrible disease. He is a madman with vitamins. He probably washes his hands 25 times a day (not the obsessive-compulsive way, just throughout the entire day). He’s sure he has a stomach virus if he feels the slightest bit nauseous.

I, on the other hand, do not take vitamins. I do not wash my hands with any regularity throughout the day (except always after potty and most of the time before eating). I can talk about cancer and not feel a sense of dread that the mere word will spell my doom. I drink after my son…even when he has a cold (I believe in Mommy-immunity). I hardly ever get sick. I do not fear getting sick.

So, does anyone else here have to deal with someone who is constantly sickness-vigilant to the point of neurotic behavior? Is anyone here a hypochondriac?