Who here knows of Kenny Brown?

I got his album ‘Stingray’ as an early Christmas gift and I’m pretty impressed. It’s very good blues with creative lyrics and interesting melodies, not to mention loads of attitude and style. I’m really surprised that this guy hasn’t gotten any play in Entertainment magazine that I’ve seen or on Top 40 radio that I’ve heard or, indeed, any mention at all in the mainstream music media. I only know of him through my town’s college radio station, which also delights in playing songs by the Volumen and the Oblio Joes. (Never heard of them? My point exactly.)

I suppose I could take this as a statement of how bad the mainstream media sucks at promoting good artists, but I can’t be the only one on the Dope who knows of this guy. Maybe I missed a huge publicity campaign due to my being on Mars at the time. Under a rock. With my fingers in my ears.

“I don’t expect your folks to understand,
they just can’t see you like I do:
Naked in an air-conditioned motel room.”
All I Want

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Great Mississippi Blues – One Third Off

Stingray (Fat Possum)

astro: Well, yeah. I can Google as well as you can. In fact, that’s how I found out about this guy at all. (College radio is an odd beast.) I wanted to know how many Dopers know of him.

I guess the answer is ‘me’.