Who holds the record for greatest number of Pittings?

Mods, if this thread belongs in AtMB, I’d appreciate your relocation efforts. Just so you’re aware, I debated on which one to put it in, but felt I might get a better answer in GQ.

So who at the SDMB – present, past or banned – holds this most dubious honor?

My gut says Aldebaran, but I’m probably not right. Surely someone long since banned holds the record?

Back when I joined up, it was DanielInTheWolvesDen, no questions. Wildest Bill may have come close, but I can’t imagine that anyone other than december has a shot at that title now.

I think handy got yelled at a bit, but it was pretty obvious that he was just misinformed and not malicious.

Collinsbury? I believe he periodically resorted to insults when he felt a questioner or debater wasn’t as informed as he’d wish and in so doing rumpled a few feathers.

It’s gotta be **Coldfire ** or manhattan. No question - mods get the most heat of all the Dopers.

3-4 times in total maybe. One of the mods is most likely.

Satan used to get pitted quite a bit, and Wildest Bill.

But I agree, it’s got to be a mod.

He Who Shall Not be Named must be in the top ten.

George W. Bush obviously :smiley: . I know he’s not a doper, but still. . .

During his short (pun intended) heyday, Jack Dean Tyler of foreskin fame got Pitted quite a bit in relation to his short tenure here.

And how do you know that? I’ve wondered occasionally about some of the ‘Bushbots’ wandering around.

But, no, you’re probably right. The real Dubya would get overheated in debate and spill secret intelligence to support his arguments. Haven’t seen that happening yet…